Polhill - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .P7 1675

#Nccíauo ,Taítb. light,and in every turn to he creature, ,gathers foil and pollution ; the firmer will never refign up himfeif to be wa{hed in the Evangelical la- vcr,unlefs he firft fee lin,as it is,mire and dirt,and fùperiluity of naughtinefs, and find his pretious foul lying in a fordid manner, in a link of plea - fùre,or a cave of covetoufnefs,or fome other lull, which is as an unclean place miferably, defiling it,whilefl it abides therein. Fourthly, There is a conviction of the power of fin ; fin is a Baal,a Lording tyrant,and the firmer a vaffal to it;in fenfual fins he drudges in Sodom and Egypt,and in fpiritual he is carried away to Babylon : the finger is as a captive in his chains, and (which is the great wonder) a willing cap- tive,the iron is entred into his foul, the chain is in his very will the Principle of freedom,a vaffal he is,and loves to be fo.The more freely he fins, the more is his tlavery,the more imperiouily he fins,the more is his weaknefs: thus the Prophet, how wear is thy heart, f eing thou doeIi the work of an imperious IT horifb wnoman'Ezel? 16.3o un lefs Cod make men in force meafure feel the power of iin,and go as David over Olivet,weep- ing,becaufe of the Al oloms,the rebellious lulls, which come out of their own bowels and make wax upon heaven, they will not refign and take up the yoke of Chrift as they ought. Secondly Upon fuch a conviction of tin, enfuc great firaits and humiliations of foul. When the poor firmer fees things as they are.an hoft of fins round about the foul,nay and within it, an hell áhafhing out of the .guilt thereof,a defiling tilthi nets