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necíouo foitb. grand medium of falvation:For the underfland- ing whereoftwo things are confiderable. FirJl,That Jefus Chrift is by Gods ordination fealed to be aMediator.There irf one Mediator be- tween God and man, the man Chrift jefas, faith theApoftle,i7im.2.5. Chriít,ás God= tnan,ftood up between an offended God-, and offending man,and as as a Mediator in all his offices: As a Prieft he as with God tó"pacifie his wrath, and purchafe grace and glory for men ; and as a Prophet and a King he ads with men,to declare unto them the Will of God,and rule over them by his fpirit and word ; Thus the divine days_ man lays his hand upon both , God above, and man below,to bring them together in a mutual reconciliation. Secondly, That this refignation to Chrift as Mediator,is in a way congruous to all his offices: Look as God above fealed hire; to be aMediator by his ordination,fo man below-feals as it were the counter -part by his refignation The belie- ver yields up himfelf to Chrift as a Prieft,by a re- cumbency on his merits and'fweet- finelling fa- crifice. This in Scripture is called, faith in his blood,R om.3 .2 5. he yields up himfelf to Chrift as a Prophet,by an humble teachablenefs ; this is called,a hearing of the Prophet,Ac;.3.2 2. and he yields up himfelf to Chrift as a King,by an holy fubjc Lion ; and this is called, receiving Chrift 7efus the Lord,Col.2.6.T hus this r Ggnation, as a key to the wards of the lock, faits and hits Chrift in every office.W hat is merit in Chrift, is fiducialnefs in faith ; What is inftruátion in 'G a Chrift t