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g Plcctoto Chrill, is dociblenefs in. faith ; What is roy- alty in Chrifi , is obedientialnefs in faith: Secondly,,7his refignationis made unto God,even, the whole f cred Trinity, as the center and ulti- mate objet of faith,' fay,the whole facred 2'rinity. For though Chrift, as God-man, thelvlediator, be only the grand medium, by and through which faith makes its approaches to God , yet Chrifi as God is at the ultimate, objed of faith; I fay,the whole facredTrinity, as the center and ultimate objeer of faith:For nothing is or can be the formal reafon or terminating ob.je6 of faith, but theDcity or divine nature only;whefe infinit excellency and perfe6fion doth naturally merit the fame ; whofe infallible truth, rich mercy, matchlefs power,and unfearchable wifdorn,calls for faith to come and repofe in its bofom;there and there only can it ultimately refl and keep Sabbath : this the Scripture expreffes emphati- cally by trufï-ing in Jehovah,the rockof ages,and center of faith.Thus then it is, faith firfl goes to Chrifi the Mediator, and then in and through him it advances unto God. The Apofile is ex- prefs in it,who by him do believe in God, that rai- fed him up from the dead,and gave him glory,tbat your faith and hope might be in God, z Pet. r.2 r. Faith in ChriÇts blood, is faith in the way, the ,remand living tray, confecrated through the vail of Ns fie fh ; but faith in God, is faith in the ulti- mate end and center. Moreover, that faith may arrive at him,he cornes as it were out of his un- approachable light,and manifefts himfelf in At- tributes ; he lets down his veraciçy, grace,wif dom,