Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

The Table. yfe 3. Our Sinfulne f,,'e íhould driveus'to ChriJt, 77 Circumftances aggravating Sin, 83 Excufes of Sinne, 93 Helpes againft thófe Exctr/e.r, ioo Dolt. 3, There is a revelation of wrath againft all V nrighteoufneffe of men, 103 Yfe I..' Tò teach us what Sin is, Yfe 2. To labour for a Senfe of G o n s wrath, 1 1 o Yfe Tó make us go to Chrift, 112 'Dee. 4. Almen before regeneration with- hold. the Truth in unrighteouf neffe, 116 The greatneffe of this Sin in three things, Vfet. To Humble us, and not in the ICingdome of God in three things, x32 How farre men Ynconverted may go, (hewed in five things, 140 How farre they come fhort, in five things, iq. t Vfe 3. Móíí fin out of love to Sin, 150 The danger Vof difobeying the Truth, 154 Vie g: 109. To give the Truth leave to rule; Is8 VA 2. Tite mifery of men that äre nerve 155 The Truth or Law of every mans judgement is made manifeft by God, 166 Yfe r. The greatnef a of mens fin againft this Truth, ` 17o yr 2. To be thankefull for theTroth, 176 Vfe 3. To doe nothing contrary to the Truth, 178 Yfe 4. To expeht happineffe or m Eerie as