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pmaummmm!Rrr. _.....,.., .....,. ..:.,.,..-__-. s. _ !' .$%+4i.0li*a4000oa0w`8;fr`:. TK.+ i SAIN Ar $64 QYALIPICATION: Thethird Edition correEted. fol o,, A TREATISE L Of HuMILIATIO'N, in Tenne Sermons. II, Of S A N C T I F I CATION, in nine Sermons, WHEREVNTO IS ADDED A Treatije of Cononunionv2ith Chri.;t in the Sacrament, in three Sermons. PREACHED; By the late faithfull and worthy Minift er of IESVS CHRIST, IOHN PRESTON, Doctor in Divinity, Chaplaine en Ordinary to his Majeftie, Mailer of Emanuel Co/ledge in Cambridge, and fometime Preacher of Lincolns Inne. Vvhen men are ca.Ei downe,then thou ¡halt fay, T here is lifting u p : and he ¡hall fave the humble perIon, lob zz.a9. Call away from you all your tranfgreßions, whereby ye have tranfgreffed, and make you a new heart, and a new glint, en,c. Ezck, 18. 3 I. He that e s,my ßefb and drinkes my blond, dwelleth in me andI in him, 1011,6. 56. LONDON, Printed OZ for N. Bourne, and are to be fold by T. Nicholee at the Bible in Popes-head Alley. 1637. *fools ofttout 04, 400 Cee.0e 4+1


TVPET 12 .2,4121V- VFW- TO THE CHRISTIAN READER. HE goodacceptance,the Sermons ofthis war- thy man have found amongfi well difpofed Chrifiians , hath made sus the willinger to give way to the publifhing ofthefe, as com. mingfrom the fame Author. The good they may thus doe, prevailes more for thefending of them forth, than fame imperfections (that ufually accompany the taking ofother mens fpeeches) may doe to fupprefethem. Some- thing may well be yeelded to publike good in things not alto. gether fo as we with. They are inforced upon none that ¡hall except againft them, they may either reade or refuf them at their- pleafure. The argument of them is fuck as may draw the more regard, being of matters of neceffary and perpetual! ufe. For Humiliation a we never fo deeply fie into the grounds of it, (fan fulne ff e of nature, and life) or, TO farce as we fee, looke upon it with that eye of deteflation we fhould, and therfore a holy heart de fireth flil further light to be brought in, to drover whatfoever may hinder communion with God, and is glad when an is made loathfome unto it, as be- ing its greatefl enemy, that Both more hurt than all the world be fides; and the only thing that divides betweene our chiefefl good,and us. As this humiliation increafeth, fe in the like proportion all other graces increafe : for the more we are emptied o f our fêlves, the more ive are filled with tht fulneffe of God. The detail ofthis appeare, in the whole frame a A Trea. tile.

b z Trca cire. To the Reader. frame o f a Chri flian life, which is fo fore unfaund as we retame any thing of corruptedfelfe, unhumbled for. The foundation of Chriflianity is layd very ¡9W ; and theref ®re the Treatife of Humiliation ù hell' premifed lefore that of the b New Creature. God will build upon nothing in us. We mu fl be nothing in our filves, before we be raifed up for aft Temple for God to dwell in, whofe court is to pull downe before he build. old things mutt be out ofrequefl, before all become new, and without this newneffe of the whole man from Vnion with Chrifl, no interefl in the new Heavens can be hoped for, whereinto no defiled thing find enter, as altogether unfutable to that condition and place. Nothing is in reque fl with God but this New Creature, all things elfe are adjudged to the fire, and without this it had bcene better be no Creature at all. By this we may judge of the r f fulneffe of d f ourfes tending this way. one thing more thou art to be advertifed of (Courteous Reader) and that is, of the injurious dealing offuch ,es for private gaine have pu6lifhedwhat they can get, howfiever taken, without any acquainting either of thofe friends of the Authors that refilled in Cambridge (to wlrofe care he left the publi[hing of thole things that were deliveredthere) or elm, to whom he committed the publithing of what Mould be thought fit for publike view, of that which was preached in London. Hereby not only wrong is done to others, but to the deceafed likewife,by mangling and misfhaping the birth ofhis brain, and therefore once againe we defire men to forbearepubll.. thing of any thing, untill theft that were intrufed have the review. 4nd fo we commit the Treatifi, and thee to 'Gods bleßìng. Richard Sibs. John Davenport.

111.71.1111.11111k--..MIMIMAIIIIII,. 3 N7 < O f I +kT 1flSs7.m l roroeii Ö /7aetb/YPÒDLI MSOY.i ic`ÿa?'+$4Q4,.tre /3;rY3o ls.ao0`/oN-6q\Il/!n lM ñl a^gxae;u41warg .., "44"aa sH+ . µµ,r Wáÿ+v' 7.5'b'\ì.! l /4a.ij.a: s2nul. /!o6i S a 4-a, gx A BRIEFE COLLECTION OF THE principal.' Heads in the enfuirag Treatifes. Part, T. Drci. I. F_¡7lmilistion muff goe before j asf#ificatiori, Pag. 6. Two things in Humiliation, 8 Alfiaf I.. In reference to ?unification, I z Real. 2. In referen,ce tö Sant7ification;13 vfe I; To laböür for.Humiliation i7 Five helper to Humiliation, 24 vfe. The bell men thould labour to be Humbled, Doti. z. The nature of man is . full of all Vnrighteoufne_e, and Vflied- 3 line f(e, 1 Mans nature evidenced to be Po by the Lan, - 3 2, Original]. Sinnc, 7 The corruption of the únderflan- ding, in five thins, 4o The corruption of the will in foure things, 45 The corruption of the Memory ,in two things, 49' The corruption of the Confcience, in three ais of it, 5 The corruption of the Senfitive appetite, 54 The corruption of the Afeîíions, tuall Sisants;'' S9 A 64 Mans Nature fheyved eö be cor- srupt by the rule of the Gofpell, 1I. `Ù f i The ignorance bfthofe that kn iw not the corruption of Nature, tifs 2. 73 To Labour to prize Chrift the more, 75 A Vfe3.

The Table. yfe 3. Our Sinfulne f,,'e íhould driveus'to ChriJt, 77 Circumftances aggravating Sin, 83 Excufes of Sinne, 93 Helpes againft thófe Exctr/e.r, ioo Dolt. 3, There is a revelation of wrath againft all V nrighteoufneffe of men, 103 Yfe I..' Tò teach us what Sin is, Yfe 2. To labour for a Senfe of G o n s wrath, 1 1 o Yfe Tó make us go to Chrift, 112 'Dee. 4. Almen before regeneration with- hold. the Truth in unrighteouf neffe, 116 The greatneffe of this Sin in three things, Vfet. To Humble us, and not in the ICingdome of God in three things, x32 How farre men Ynconverted may go, (hewed in five things, 140 How farre they come fhort, in five things, iq. t Vfe 3. Móíí fin out of love to Sin, 150 The danger Vof difobeying the Truth, 154 Vie g: 109. To give the Truth leave to rule; Is8 VA 2. Tite mifery of men that äre nerve 155 The Truth or Law of every mans judgement is made manifeft by God, 166 Yfe r. The greatnef a of mens fin againft this Truth, ` 17o yr 2. To be thankefull for theTroth, 176 Vfe 3. To doe nothing contrary to the Truth, 178 Yfe 4. To expeht happineffe or m Eerie as

The Table. as we obferve or neglect this 7Jfe i. ¡Trseth 197 To labour to fee JCod in his great- neap 144 Dog, 6. Göd bath revealed íó much tö eve- : ry man as makes him Inexcu- fable, 201 Exsufes that men frame to them, felves 203 Vfe I , To juffibe Gad, and tô blame our (elves, 215 Vfe 2: To give Cod the glory of his long - fuffering. 218 The Contents of the Ser.. mon before the Commons geai fe of Polliwog. FAffing neceffary, 2 3o Faff defined, 23o Defects in Failing, 23 x Doti. r: God only doth Good and Evill, 2 Foure ConviElions to demon- 'hate it, 236 Real. T. Elfe god were not God, 243 Rear. 2. Elfe the Creature fhould be God, 243 Yfe s: Tò Tooke to God in all our bufi- Yfe 3. TO fet Faith on worke to judge ôf thefe things, 25 3 Dog. 2: Sinne caufeth Wrath, 252 Gods Wrath a treafure, in three refpects, ZS 3 Vfe: TO fee Sinne in the efreas of it , 255 How to prevent Gods Wratb, 258 DoEi,3; Zeale turnes away Wrath, 2I2 Yfe z. Not to difcourage thofe that bee Zealous, 265 Foure convietians of our want of Zeale, 367 Tog. Want of Zeal° makes Gon s A 2 jealoufie

The Table. jealoutie grow }i©erer, 277 Do61.5. j ealoctfe for the mol{ part (hall proceed to utter dettruCtion, 2 7 8 VA. Tó learne to Fearep 279 Parte DoEt. Iufiifi.catian and Sanc`tifacation areinfeparable, 285 How Saniriificìxtien a_ rifèth from iafiifcation' 2 86 esf.'s. one raved by the fecond efydam, that are not borne of hip, 297 Real. 2. It is the Will of Clod Rol 6. All,the meanes of Grace tend this way, 3òo VfeI; To pray for Sanf1ificatipi; 300 Six encouragements to Pray for 301 ore t: To efteerne Santtification as iiigh- ly as Ixftific4tion _ 311 The excellency of grove;.: 31i V/c 3. To take heed of challenging I tfii- filiation without Sancti filiation,' 318 Foure lignes of a New Creature, 298 Real. 3. It. is the end of our Zngrafling in- to Chrií'1`, Z99 Rtdf 4, It is the'end of Chrifla canming, 299 af') Chrifl is Prophet and King where he is a `Prteft) 299 322 New Creaturewhat, 33 2 The Heart new framed, 333 The Converration changed, 336 A new quality of Holine f fe infu -'.: fed, 340 Old man what, 34¢ Mortification of the Old man, 3 5 3 Where God pardoneth he healeth finne, 3 57 Firf }, it (lands with Gods Honor, Secondly, with our Comfort, 3Ìbí. Thirdly, with Gods Service, Ib. Dye. Thofe that arein Chrifl have ano- ther ,Nature, 363 Üfe

The Table. 7Jfe 1. Not tö Defer comrning to God, fe 2. Not to content our felves without a new More, 369 Vfe3. To fee that good Perfermaccs be naturall to us, 372 Vfe 4. To abhor our Old Nature and la- bour for a change, 378 V fe 5: Not to feare Falling away, 381 Tfe 6. NoCto bee difcouraged with the difficulty of any Duty, 383 Vfe 7. Change Of Nature ä ground of comfort, 384 `Don. We muff be New Creatures, 3 85 Confect. I. We are redeemed from old cu- flows, Ibid. Con feti. 2. Not to wonder that the World wonders at us, 387 v Confetti. 3. To pulldowne all that is 613,389 ConfetI. 4, Not to wonder at unevenneffe in mens lives, 392 Confeti. 5. To expel1 a combate, 397 ConfecI. 6. Nót to wonder at .ukedne f fe that we finde in the wayes of God, 4Qo ConfetI. 7: To give God the praife óf the changing of natures, 403 . The Wzzr Creature is GÒds Wörk 407 Foure arguments to prove it, lb. FfeI. To thew our condition in Chrifl is better than in Adam, 4.12 ÿíe2. God fetteth us not about an im- pof ible workf, V/e 3. To make us love Chriff lb, Yfe4.. Not to put offChrifls call, Yfe 5. To fee with whom we have to do in hearing the word, Ib. Vfe6. To give God the praife of any good in us, 41 8 Vfe 7. Expec`1 not that Miniflers come A 3 with

The Table. with excellency of Wifdome or words, 4'19 vfe8. Obferve what the preaching of the Word workes on our hearts, 421 Doff . 1 ?írt , in Chri., , and then Nero Creatures, 42 8 Doff. To be in Chrift, is the ground of all Salvation, 426 vje 1. Firft, to increafe Onion with Chrift in thofe that have ít,43 I Five helpes to do it, 432 Secondly to feeke it, if it be wan - ..ting, 43 8 Five motives to feeke this Onion, 440 Part.3. Dolt. IN the Sacrament there is a com- munication of the very Body and blood of Chriff, 474 Arguments againft Tranfubl1an- tiation, 475 z . There is no necety of it, 475 2. No pofbility ofit, 479 3. It is againd Senje, 48r 4. AgainftReafon, 482 5. Againft Faith, 483 6. Againft Scripture, 483 Sacrament of the Lords Supper, what, 485' Condition of the Covenant on Gods part, 485 vfcr. To confirme our faith in the for - giveneí%of fins 488 Conditions of die Covenant re- quired on our part, 493 Papifis objeólion out ofloh. 6. of eating Chritis flej7 anfwered,5o1 Oft z To fee the greatnefhe of Chrifts 506' And to Love him againe and ferve him, 5 07 Two things to move us to come in to Chrift, 510 Firfi, our mifery out of him, 512 r. We are fubjed} to Death, 513 2. To the feare of Death, 514. 3. To Hell, Ibid. Secondly,our Happinefe by Chrif Benefit by Chrift, S19 I We {hall have Life, 519 2 Our Debts (hall be payed, 5 25 3 We (hall have Reg, 5 31 4 We fhall have a King dome,5 5 3 which confided) in Liberty, `Plenty, Peace, glory, Riches. 534 535 536 537 538 5 'We fhall have a Feaft, 545 Properties of fpirituall Food, 5 48 6 Apparel], 7.552 What this fpiritualI cloathing is, 553 The end of the Table.

WOO: The Texts of Scripture alledged, ..arid many ofthem opened, in the enfuing TREATISES. Gcnefss. Cbxp.vrr.part.pag. ; I5 I 6o 6 5 I 38 1,7 I I 24I Leviticus. 23 27 I 234 29 :1 23 I 56 1 231 Deuteronomy. 9 z . 4.3 a .6 :z8 s 5 I 277 2.9 2.3 1 221 30 6 2 359 'Samuel. zÚo8 1' 23 I 48 160 23aeluel. 16 .10 1'61 23 9 I48 2.9 4 .1 263 Iz "I t57 ;e 46 íA 279 Kings. 8 2.7 1 209 zChron. 6 37 z z4 5 -z I 281 32 ;a, : ,1 96 33 I2 i 13 36 15 z 92 Nehemiah. Chop.TRr. part.pag.' I IS a 145 Mimes. S 22, 'I 72 12, 4 'IN1 47 19 22. 1 68 4 74 32 I I 49.0 41 '13 3 554 16 3 537 49 38 Y ' 4 . 2 I2 .95 1 172 5 2 378' 6 2 373 62 10 1246 68` no : a 236 98< a: s ;.sy9 in 446, 1I I I07, = z56 95- iI i 368 ='I6 i 3 5401 í19 9, 2 too zz I 1590 115 I 26z 130 I 3 490 'Proverbes. 1 27 1781 `2 10 .I 1,o5, 22 1 3 544 4 '2 317 26 7 t 335 Heclef. riek i'hpp.tzer.egrt.paj. Chap.yn.ratt.pag.: , 20 5 z 326 24 ,Ì; .. Y I,,9 7 3 537 36 25 ,: fz Cat. 26 z ;;oi Y t 2 346 z 359 5 ` z 397 DUAL 6 3 z 426 $ 23.., z 243 Ifay. tierce. 5 2 2 397 4 14 '"= 92 8 18 z 387 7 14 'r 232. 9 ;6 3 493 14 4 .z 359 310 loot. 16n3 545 =2 13 '°t, zg,. 4.1 i; ..I 247 15 '2 2.30 55 2 3 548 Amos. 57 30 1 237 4 12 i 2.50 58 } IeFemiall.y3 z 3 4.5 s 33zI . cue. to ; 32-6 it S 3 ..I 92 8 4 ; 1-2,5 , 13 ,2. ,t 7 ;z ,I .9_z 491 6 .4 ? 2e4 ; iIalachy. :t 23 : E 245 + 3: 4- Ic 13 23 Y,. 27 3 16 1 2271: 3 29 i 30o Whew. 32 32 2 289 s 308 34 .z 328 tiG 13_ 24 :I 256 16 3:z 92 22 3o I 2.71, >F ir 27t & 442 3 Y 2 448 '3 534 8-; m 3 zo 4 II) 2: 32o 15 18 1 34 126

The Table of the Texts of Scripture, ,._..._ Matthew. Ioha. Chap.ver.pwrr.png. ;Chap.ver.part pg. I Ch.p.v.r.prtpa3° 9 1 88 191 94 3 512 I 128 4 1° z 452 I 134 14 52o 14 I 120- 18 I 8 15.. ID. 1O4 32 z 46z . I 167. 5 39 1 168 16 z 318 6 27 3 18 1 99 3. 13 531 IO i 84 6 2 2 287 9 2 382 14 3 517 10 8 6 2I 2 294 zo x.- 96 6..22 I 222 6 x 177 II 30 3 53° 22 4 z 463 3 545 23 26 I.196 2 362 Itarkf. 13 z 32.0 3° b 469 1.5 I 17 16 b 447 LuYce. `/3 2 303 74 .2 445 ;3 534 7'I z0 7T9` 1 S 19 2. 444 2I 2, 454 3 538' 15 1- 1; 135' 17 t 14 46` 16 1 15 =4-.45 2 351 Z 416. Yoh®. I_ 5 I I2I 9 . 1 g . 1 1 9 II 3 510 &2 2. 289 3 493 3; 3 2. 319 ; 5 . 289 6 2, 38 18 2.319 36 I 3 1_ 126 547 z 454 3 501 S3 3 502 3 503 54 3 519 32 1 1S 36 3 6o5. IY 4 Z 381 14 21, 2 293 15 , : 3n 5 2 463 3 539 16 8 8 z 292 A. 2 37-I 73 I 229 S '3.4 zog. 9-, I 88 7.51... I-'-124 17 30 I 86 20 21 2 320. z8 . 1 ,275 .. 2,2 13 2 303 4 S I 7, 26 28 323,. 28-2 300 :. Itomus. zI I 86 . I 123 2¢ I..-I27 3° L, 83 b '4--' Í 5: .I IdS.` 8 I 136 á6 7'9,1 33 13, t 87 13 1 38 l.z 42 24.1 74 7 1 43 9;: z 287 35: 2 382, 22 t 96 1 107 3 512 1,2-.354 8 -: I 194 I . I 268 17 3 535 1 Cor. 2 I 2 415. 3 18 z 455 22 2 430 3 54°- 2_ 1 6z 7-z 358. 389, I,1 73, 10 3 z 46z. II 2 301... 3 3 2 352 3 497 16 22 I 7o 3 497 8 9 12 14 : Cor. Chap.ver.part.pag. I- 22 3 518 23 z' 309 2 14 1- 41 3 2 2 415 28 2 290 2 35° 4 2 1 155 4 I 43 ío z 33° 5 4 3 521 . 16`z, 586 17 3 518 6 9 I x89 8 x0 1! 144 10. 4 1 159 sz 'I 85 12 9 1 149 óalath. i 8 3492 z 8.z416 3 4.6, z z86 8 , 1 toz . y z, s 38 I 218 2 4,.. I 10 lt z z 287 3..1 91 5 3 495 6, z 341 3' 1 5 2 341 >EphM. { 13 3 518' 19 2 309, 2 10 3- 414 3 8 3 545 19 ,.3 507 4 2.2 z 346 ¡ . 6-. x 174 18 2 311 3 550 hilip. z_ 15 I 122 Philip 1 168

alledged in the following Treatifes. Philip. Chapwcr.part. jag. 3 9 I 102, Io 2, 309 4 6 I 191 13 2 463 Colol. 3 5 1 246 1 ThetCal..: 4 3 2 z89 2 Thelial. y 10 I 123 1 Timorh.,, a 13 a, 87 2. 14 1 193 5 22 1194 sl`imocll. i 13 1 239 I. 19 3 519 21 3 539 25 i 222. 7iru1... 1 15 I 51 a6 1 39 1 44 1 84 2.. 14 a : 18 1 .268 Hebr. Chap.var.patt,pag. 2 14 3 514 6- 13 2. 302. 17 3 488 9 14, 2 300 2. 3z1. 3 497 10,y5 I 69 z6 I: 89 34 1 113 II 27 a 248 11 5 I 50 28 2 603 lam. I 14 I 153 I á6 16 x' 18 2. 384 25 1 50 2,6 2 337 Z 20 I 98 3 z 36 3 6 9 I x37 4 9 1 14 I Pee. Revel. Chap.vcr.part.pag.. I Chap.vct.pampg. I 14 2 195 3 13 1 197 4 4 1 143 1. Pei. 1 4 2 347 2 363 9 1 122 2 3 1 154 3 5 I 204 t loh. 2. 16 2 347 3 2, 2 315 3 537 9 2 373 zo 1 78 23 1 72 S 19 2' 387 ty 2 431. 2 470 dude. 14 1 143 I 5 3 6o5 2 4.. a.2,63 6 i 2,69. 7 3 5 z 9 2 458 3 538 II-;, 3 520 2,0 I I06 3 2. 3 f.52 16 a 2,84 18 3 538 6 7 3 514 xz i 3 553 FINIS.

SER34.I.1 THE FIRST BERNION i'PO4 HVM.'ILIATION. ROMANS I. IS. For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven agáinft all ungodline f and unrighteoufne f e of men, which with- boldathe Truth in unrighteouf- ne. T is true, wee that are the Minifters of the Gofpell are to make it our chick bufinef e to preach Chrift indeed that is all in all. But we may preach Chryi long enough ro men , telling them of Remiffion of fins, and Iuffification, but they will not hearken to us,becaufe before they can come B to

Comfort the end of Scrip- ture. Mans nature full of ungodlinef . to Chrifl they muff be humbled. It is true, our end is Confolation, for that is indeed the end ofthe Scrip- tures ; I fay, the end of the Scriptures is Confolati- on, that through them you might have hope : and fo is it the endof this datrine of Humiliation, as, though a purge,or lancing, are troublefome to the body,yet the end of the Phyfitian in ufing them is health, and helpe; and without this cow fethere is nohelpe.And for that caufe we have fallen on this Text,that it may teach us to know our felves, and the need we Rand in of chrifl. You (hall finde thefe three to be the three great parts of the Apoftolicall Ambaffagc: First, to humble men, to make them know what need they Rand in of Chrifi. SeCondly,to raife them againe,to preach remiffion of fins. Thirdly,to teach the dodtrine of Santification. Thefe three, Humi- liation, Iuflification,and SanEtification,are the three maine things wherein our condition to God confifts. Therefore my intent is to goe thorow thefe three. And wee will doe it briefly, beginning with this Text which we have in hand. The occafion where- of is this. Paul tels the Romans that his intent was To come to them : But what fhould he doe there e He would preach the Gofpell : yea, but it was an ignominious thing tobe a Chriffian, a thing that would expofe him to much perfecution and fhame. It is no matter, faith he, z am not afhamedof the Got ell, for it id the power of God to f lvation. But how doth hee prove that it is the power of God to falvation e We fee that in the Gofpel the righteoufnef of God is revealed,that is, there is no way in the world for men to be jufti- fied,

Mans nature full of ungodlinef . fled, to be counted ighteous before God, burro have a righreoufnu ffe revealed from heaven, even another kinde of righteouf neffe than any man hath in him - felfe; a righteoufnefl'e of Chri/l,a righteoufneffe that is to be imputed to men; and this, faith he, is revea- led in the Gofpell : and therefore the Gofpell onely is the power of God to falvat ion. But here comes the great queftion ; Why is it needful! that there fhould be a new kinde of righteoufnefl'e revealed, a righte- oufnefl'e wrought by another, and made ours onely but by Imputation, faith he: It mutt be fo, elfe no fief i can be Paved : Every man inuft needs be con- demned, for all men are unrighteous, every man is full of all impiety and wickednefíe,which he delivers in this vexfe; thence concluding that it is needful! to have the Gofpell revealed,for that is it,that reveales the righteoufnefhe óf Chrifl. A righteoufnefle of Chrift, which is onely wrought by Chriff, and will onely Rand out before the judgement feat of God. So that the end ofthewords is to convince men, to Phew unto them that they have no righteoufnefTe of their owne, to affure them, that if they Band in the condition they arc in by nature, they remaine in condemnation ; for he that beleeves not, is condem- ned already : there needs no new condemnation ; if he have not the son, the wrath of God abides on him. So that the maine thing in thefe words is this af. fertion, That mans natureis fall of ungodlinefe and anrighteoufnefe.Two things are charged upon mans nature, Firft, a fulnefle of all kinde of finnes against God. Secondly, of all injuftice and unrighteoufnelîe to men, one touching the firft Table, the other the B z fecond. 3 SERa4.I. Why we are juflified by the righteoufnefre of another. Iohn ;. wit. Mans nature is) full of ungod. lincffe and un- righteoufnefI'e.

4 SE RM.!. Mans nature full of ungodlinef : fecond. Now when he faith, All ungedlineff ,and all unrighteoufnefte of men. The meaning is, That in mans nature there is all kinde of ungodlineffe, and unrighteoufneffe of all forts. And againe, that is ro be marked, unrighteoufneffe of men :he fees it down in general, becaufe he fpeakes it of all men,none ex- cepted, fo you mutt take both in; Every man (none excepted) is full of all unrighteoufneffe, all impietie, all parts of impietie, all kindes of unrighteoufneffe i are found in him. But how will this be proved r Hee proves it by two Arguments. Firft,becaufe the wrath of God is revealed againft every man : and G o D being a juft Iudge, his wrath would not be kindled againft men, except there were tuft caule ; and that is one Argu. ment. But how (hall wee know that G o D is angric with men a faith hee, It is revealed from ESeaven. i Whence three things maybe noted.For thence you may fee the evidence of his wrath, r: is revealed. And fecondly, the fureneffe ofit, it comes from heaven, and G o D will be as good as his word. And thirdly, the Terribleneffe of ir, it is revealed from heaven. For when God is laid rofat in heaven, and to laugh them to [Coyne. And z Cor. 6. to fit in heaven, it argues he doth things powerfully. But you will aske, how is the wrath of God re- vealed from heaven r It is revealed by the light of ,nature. Every man hash fo much light in him, as to know that hee deferves wrath, and judgement, and punifhment. And partly it is revealed by the Scripture, and partly by continuall experience; GO D is ever and anon Wrath of God rçvealed bow.

Mans nature full of ungodlinef . anon executing his wrath and judgement on fanners. And that is the firft Argument. The fecond Argument to prove their unrighte. oufneffe, is, becaufe they With -hold the truth in un- righteoufnefe. And here is a fecret objetion anfwe. red. For it may be obje&ed, There be many excel- lent things in men as your morali Philofophers,had they not much light in their underftandings r Much reaitude in their lives r Did they not pra6tîce many morall vertues r That is all one, it will but encreafe their condemnation. It was God's worke to put fo much light,fo many excellent things in them,which had they ufed as they fhould,and might, thofe Prin- ciples would have flied themfelves into their whole foule and converfation, but they imprifoned them, ¡hutting them up within the walls of their Conici- ence : men doe not ufe the light they have, nor im. prove it, they doe not bring it out in their Jives and converfations, but with-hold it inunrighteoufnefe. So that in the words there are three points laid downe, all which wil helpe exceedingly to humble us.Firft, That mans nature is full of all impietie and unrighteou f nef . The fecond is, The wrath of God wiPfurely fall on men for this. If finne went alone it would not fo much amaze men,but when thewrath of God comes too, accompanied with the fruits of his wrath, men out of felte-love will bee moved therewith. The third, That all thegood in a man hffore his regeneration frees onely to helpe forward his condemnation. But before I conic to the handling ofthefe points; one point we muff needs obferve out ofthe Method of the Apof}le.This that he faith here in few words, B 3 is 5 $ERM.I.

Doti. Humiliation mutt goc be- fore Iuflifica- tion. Deut.8.2,3 How God humbled the lfraelites. Humiliation before Iuflification. is amplified to the middle of the third Chapter. All which time he fpendsinexprefï'ing particularly how mans nature is full of impiety, and unrighteoufneffe : and when he bath done that,he urges juflification by Chrifl ; and after that he comes to San &ification. Wherein the Apoffles Method is very obferva- ble : and therefore from his Method ( before wee come to the maine)we wil briefly deliver this point. That Humiliation mull goe before Ïufhfcation : You may obferve it from the Method ufèd. Men muff firff be convinced of theirimpiety and unrighteouf- neffe,before they can be fit to receive the Gofpel.As the Phyfitians have their Method in curing, fir(f to purge and cleanfe the body,and then to give Cordi- als : fo it is a rifle in Divinity, you muff be humbled before you can be ju[liled,or, Humiliation goes be- fore Iuftification. Which may be gathered not on- ly from this, but likewiíe from many other places. You (hall find it is the courfe God takes every where with men, and it is a very necefiary thing to bee knowne ; for by reafon of the ignorance of this Me. thod,men doe not take the right courfe,they goe not the right way to worke.This is the caule many core tinue in the gall of bitterne/fe,and in the bond of iniqui- tie, they know not the right way to come out. I lay, you shall finde in other places. Obferve,Deut.8. 2,3 . You (hall finde there how God deales with his peo- ple,he carries them thorow the rvilderneffe,and to what end? To humble them; and how doth Hee humble them Two wayes; Firff, by flaming them the fan - fulneffe of their hearts, letting them know their re- bellions and ffartiugs afide,when He led them along, faith

Humiliation before Iuafifrcation. 7 faith he,1 have carried thee thefe forty yeares in the wil derneff,to bumble thee and prove thee: All thy fin and corruption was there before,but thou knewcfl it not. But that is not enough:for it men law never fo much fin in themfelves,yet if they have a bottome to Eland on, if they have health, and firength, they regard it not : therefore he addes further, ïhumbledthce,I made thee hungry, and then I fed thee with Mannah ; that thou mightell fee thou hadft nothing without me. And this I did, that when I bring thee into the good Land, ye may know it was not for your owne righ- teoufne(fe, but for the Covenant 1 made with your Fa- thers, Abraham, Ifaac and Iacob. This is nothing but a refembiance of the fame G o D doth now. Carry- ing men thorow this world, He firft humbles them, He lets them fall into fin, that they may know t hem- felves, and withal' Alias them, flittering them to fall into other neceffities, that they may know what they are,that they may fee their miferable condition and that God brings them not to heaven for their righteoulneffe, but for his Covenants fake, with A- braham ands fäac,that is,for his mercy fake in Chri«l. So Zechar.I 2. and t 3. Chap. You fhall finde firft Godpowres on them the Spirit ofcompunaion,that they (hall mournefor theirfinnes, as a man mourneth for his only fon ; and when they are humbled, then (and not before) I will open a fountaine to Iradah and Ierufalem for fin and for uncleannef ; that is, it is Phut before they be humbled, but when that is done, the fountaine is opened. So you (hall fee Paul, when he had to doe with Felix (a place worth your marking) Nis 2425. you (hail finde that when Felix and his B q. wife SERDs1.r. Zee4.ts.t;

8 SE EZM.I. Two things in Humiliation. 1011414. i8. Iohn s6.S; Humiliation before Iufttiftcation. wife Drupe:, a leweff'e, called Paul before them,it is laid, They heard him of the faith of Cbrift : Bat how began he e' He began, faith the Texr,with preaching of Temperance, Righteou fnefe, and the Judgement to come : He told Felix what Righteoufnelfe,and what Temperance the Law of God required, and likewife the Judgement to come; for thofe two things mull be in Humiliation. An EndiCtment to (hew how far thort we be of the Righteoufneífe and Temperance that the Law of God requires,and withal' a pronoun- cing of the Sentence, a declaration of the Judgement to come. And this courfe made Felix to tremble. So John the Bapt?fi, that came to prepare the way of the Lord, to make way for chrifi : How did hee make way e He came as with the Spirit and power of Via,/ ; fo with much Terrour calling them a Ge- neration of vipers, told them of their miferable con- dition, as much as he could,to humble them. And that.was the way to prepare them. So when Chrift went about to convert any, this was His method,as in lohn 4. when He had that dif- courfe.with thewoman of Samaria, meeting her by accident, fi rfl He tels her of her fin ; The man whom thou haft linos thy husband, thou haft committed adul- tery: whereby He amazed her, andmade her looke into her felfe; and then He tels her He was the Mef- fab, and,that in Him there was hope. So He deales with Nichodemus, Hee tells him hee was flclh, that all that was in him was nought, and not any thing good; and then Hee preaches the Gofpell telling .him,. be muß be borne But of all places, you (half finde the cleareft to be that in /ohm 16. where Chrifl

Humiliation before Iuftification. Chri fl promif es that He would fend His Spirit into the world, and three great workes the Spirit fhould doe (which were wrought by the miniflery of the Apoffles) he fhould Convince the world of finne, and of Righteonfneye, and of lodgement. Firft, he faith of Sinne, Recaufe they have not beleeved in me; marke that, there were many other finnes that the H o L Y G H o s r convinced them of, but the contempt of the Gofpell, the not taking of Chriff offered, that is the maine finne. And the HOLY GHOST (hall convince men of this finne.All the men of the world cannot doe ir. Wee may tell you long enough of particular finnes, you have done thefe and thefe fins, fworne fuch oathes, defiled your (elves with fuch abominations, and yet all will come to nothing; but when the Spirit fets in, and makes a man f cnfible of (inne, that workes to purpofe. Then it followes in the method, He fhall convince the world of righteouf- ne ffe, becaufe I am rifen again and gone to the Father : he (hould teach that there is another Righteoufncfi'e, in me,by which you muff be juftified : when you fee no righteoufneffe in your fclves, then the HO L Y G H o s r (hall thew you the righteoufiaefï'e that I have wrought. But how will this appeare In that I am dead and rifen againe, and gone to my Father, whereby it is declared that I am righteous,. that I have overcome death, and fatisfied My Fathers Iu. (lice. And then when that is done, be (hall convince the world of Lodgement, that is, of holineff'e,for fo the word is there ufed, that is, when the Prince of this world-fhall be judged. Satan raignes in the hearts of men, in the children of difobedience, till they bee juitified 9 SÉRM.I. a Couviaion by the Spirit.

io Humiliation before "unification. S E R M., juflified and engrafted into Chrift;but when they be once juflified, then Chrift (hall cat} him out; you (hall fee him fall like lightning out of the hearts of men : and this is that which was before prophefied, He Pall bring forth j uddement unto victory ; that is,He fhall overcome the Prince of the world, take away fin, and enable men to ferve Him in holìnefn. And this is the method you muff oblerve in turning to God, labour to be convinced of finne, then of Righre. oufneffe, and then of lodgement. And to Phew the neceffrtie of this, take that one Gal. 3. :4. place, Gal.3. 2 q.. a place you all know, The Law mutt be a Schoole - matter to bring us to Cbrifl. No man li_ ving can come to Chrif ,till the Law be his Schoole- rhe Law a matter. Now how is the Law a Schoole - matter e Schoolc ma- It gives leffons that wee cannot goe through with, ficr, hcw. thereby is fuch a Re1itude required, as we arc not able to reach, like the Schoole - mafters taske to the Schofler, which hce is not able to pet forme, and is therefore faine to goe to another to doe his exercife for him. So the Lord tels men, you mull be exa-t- ly holy, perfect righteou(iieffe mull run thorow the whole courfe of your life : when we fee we cannot doe it, it makes us run to Chrif to have His righte- oufneffe imputed tous; filch a neceiTitie is there that men be humbled. TWO things Now that you may a little better underfland keeYe me s this point, you mull know that there are but two from corn- things that keepe men off from comming to Chrift. ning to Christ One is unbeleefe, when they doe not beleeve that he is the Meßiah, or that they are to be Caved by Him. Vnbeleefe. This was the great hindrance in the Apoftics rime, and

Humiliation before luse1ification. and that is the reafon that you have faith in the Mef fsah prcfled fo much, to beleeve that that was Hec . But that is not the thing to bee much in there Times. But, as you fee in the old Tcfiament, when the Prophets fpake to a Church to confirme it in the truth, they doe not prefle fo much to beleeve there is a God, and that He is One God,and that a God of Truth,but to truft in God,and to make ufe of their knowledge. So mutt we doe. There is therefore another thing that hinders from drill, and that is; Negligence :Men care not for Chrifl, they are not af- feded with Him ; and this is two -told, Totall, or Partiall : Totall is that which they were guilty of that were bidden to the Feafi, and excufed them - (elves ; one had bought a yoke of Oxen,another had married a wife, another had taken a Farme,and ther- fore they could not come. They were per [waded there was a feaft of fallings provided,but they min- ded other things, for they were not hungry, and therefore cared not for it. And in this kinde the greatefi part of men, of your common Proreflants, negledt the Gofpell : Tell them of Remrftìon of fins and Iufiification,they minde it nor. Secondly,there is a Partiall neglect: And fo many profeffe Chrifl, doe many things for H,m,but regard Him not. And in this the fecond and third Ground failed, the fe- e-cud did much,but not fo farre regarded Hinn,as to endure perfccution.The third did refpedi Hirn more, but not fo as to forgoe their lufts for Him, this is a partial] negledâ. And that that helpeth this double neglect? is Humiliation. Now to give a reafon or two of this point, and to It SERM.1. 2 Negligence which is two - told. z Total'. 2 Po 6,111.

IZ S E R tii.l --*--- Two Reg-oils of it. Reafon I . Iu reference to iuftificatioZ. I To acknow- ledge His Ia- ftice. Humiliation before Iufli fication.. fo wee will make ufe of it, and come to the other which is the maine, and that I moft intend. God wil have it thus for thefe two Reafons : Firft,with reference to our Iuftification; He will juftific none till He hath brought hire to acknow- ledge both His Iufticeand His Mercy, He will have men knowwhat Hee doch to them, before He j ufli. fies them, and receives them to favour : I fay, Hee will have a man acknowledge His Iuftice, that is, confeffe himfclfe to be a finner, to be afhamed ofhìs finnes, to acknowledge himfelfe worthy to be de- froyed. As in Exek. 36. ag. there you (hall finde how G o D juftifies men,and waffles them rvithcdeane water from theirfannes. Then when I doe this,when- foever I than juftifie any man,then you (hall remem- ber your deeds that were not good, and (hall ac- knowledge your (elves worthy to be deftroyed.Ged will have His honour given Him, He will have men know that it is not done for any thing in themfelves, Hewill have the glory of His Iufiice and Righteouf ncfle, and that is the furnme of the fourth verfe of the one and fiftieth Pfalme, Again($ thee only have I finned, &c. that Thou mightef( be j u flified when Thou f]eakefl, and be cleare when thou ¡fidget' : that glory may be given to G o i, and fhame taken to hitn- felte. This G o D will have donc. As in the worke of Redemption, His Iuftice and Mercie are both fa- risfied ; fo in the application of it, in taking hold of this Redemption, God will have a worke wrought, wherein His Iuftice !ball be acknowledged. Second - ly,He will have His Mercy acknowledged , as Prin- ces when they will make a condemned mat4 be fen_ fable

Humiliation before ruflification. 13 fible of their mercy, they will bring him to the ut- S E K M.I. termof},they will bring his necke to the blocke,then he will know that he was ïaved, he (hall have more fenfe of his pardon. And fo G o n in the works of Humiliation,humbles a man exceedingly; and when that is done, then He is feene in the Mount. He is not feene till men be in extremitie, that is, He will have them on their knees, and fo be fenfible of that mer- cie of His, which otherwife they would not prize. The end of all is Chrift,He wilihave Chriji ef}eemed and known; and this men will never doe till they be throughly humbled. Secondly, God will have it fo with reference to Rear n 2. San 3iñcation, that is the fecond reafon, and that for Inference to there caufes. sanckis«tion. Fir(}, becaufe otherwife mens thoughts would never bee drawee inward, men would never with- To make men draw themfelves from Covetoufneffe the and from re- t` °e mtelves. garding vanity; but luf}s of youth in them that bee young,and bufineffe and correfpondencie in matters of State, and one thing or other would take up the mindes of them that be old, and would fo occupie their thoughts, that we might fpeake long enough, but mens minds would goe after an hundred feverall vanities; as the Pfalmiff faith, Gon is not in all the thoughts of a wicked man, before he be humbled,that is, God is not there to any purpofe,northe things be- longing to the kingdome of G o n, but vanity is in their thoughts, and that raifes fuch' a Tumult and noife within that they attend not to what we fay,but locke up the doores of their heart, that what we fay can have no entrance.We íhal fee it in z Chr.3 3 . a 2. when

14 S E R M.1, Luke t s.17. simile. Humiliation before Iulli fication. when cillanages had corrupted hirnfelfe with mon- irons abominations -there fet down, the Lord fpake to him, but he regarded it nor, till he was humbled, but when being led into captivitie and bound in fetters, he was humbled, then he befought G o D, who was intreated of him. In the fifteenth of Luke you (hall' finde this phrafe,TheProdigal [Onne came to himfelfe ; It is a Parable (hewing every mans naturali conditi- on, hee was not himfclfe before, bee was a drunken man,or a mad man ; and that is the cafe of every man before he be humbled, he is as a drunken man; now come and fpeake to a drunken man, as long as you wil,he being in his drunkennefl'e and madneffe heares not : it is only this Humiliation that brings a man to himfelfe; In 2 Chro.6.37. you (hall find this phrafe, if they(hall turne with all their hearts in their captivi_ tie, and repent for their trap fgrepons, then doe thou heare in heaven, &c. I name it for the phrafe, if they (hall turne with their heart, which they will not doe till they be humbled, till then they be bufied about pleafures, or profits, or fomerhing elfe, but they Tooke not into their hearts. The phrafe imports fo much: fuppofe a man be inflant in fame fport and re- creation, and one come and tell him in themidfl of his (port, there is an Officer without ready to take you and carry you to prifon ; fuch a meffagc will turne to his heart, and make him confider what hee bath done, and what a miferable condition he is in : fo when the Law comes it humbles a man, making him to draw in his Thoughts, and to fee his mifery ; and when he is woundedwith the fenfe ofhis finnes, and with thewrath of G o n, then, and not till then,; the

Humiliation before IuRification. the feet ofthem that bring glad tidings of falvation are beautifull. Likewife Humiliation is neceflary for this caule, becaufe except men be throughly humbled,theywil never take the Kingdome of Heaven by violence; and they muff take it fo, elfe they (hall never have it now by the Kingdome of Heaven is meant the Go- fpell; you know it is called the Go ell of the King - dome, that is, righteoufnefre and grace therein revea- led and offered. In Matth.1 1.12. and Luke i 6.16. you (hall finde that fromthe time of John the Bap - tifl, The Kingdome of Heaven fuiered violence,and the violent take it by force : The meaning is this, faith C n x 1 s r to them, we preach the Gofpell, fo did lohn, with him it began to be preached ; but deceive not your felves, many think they take the kingdome of Heaven, but you mutt know there be two kindes of taking; force are content to be laved, and to doe many things as Herod did, and as the fecond and third ground did, but this is a falle taking, and de- ceive not your felves thereby. There is another kinde of taking, when a man takes this Kingdome violently, and indeed none (hall have it,but after this manner. Now what is it to take it violently:' When a man takes a thing violently, he doth it with all his might, bee puts all his ftrength to ir, hee doth it not coldly, and flightly, and overly, but with all his might. So the meaning is this; The Kingdome of Heaven is as if one were to come within a narrow doore, which cannot be without difficultie,when he puts to all his violence and ftrength to doe it. Ac. cording to the phrafe in Luke, Since the time of John. the sei---011010....9W 15 SERM.I. 2 Elle men take not the King dome wich vio- lence. To take hea ven violently, what.

@SE R .M.1. Toy and love" mortifie lulls. Iiùmidiation. before Iu. ti( cation. the Baptifi,they prele into the Kingdome of Heaven, .i. with violence,as if God feemes to hold the Kingdom of Heaven in His hand, that unleflè you pull it. and extort it from Him, as it were, you flail never have it Now will any man doe thus till he be humbled r Ir is impoffible he íhould. When a man is brought into feare of his life, and is like to dye, the feare of Joffe of naturall life will make him works any thing with violence, much more then when a man fèes eternall death, that he (hall die for ever, will he take the Kingdome of Heaven with violence, that is, hee will not performe duties in a flight manner, as if God were beholden to him, not with that laxity in his judgement of the truth, as hee conceives, nor with that coldneflc in the d,Lie. Thofe that will be faved, mull take falvation by force, which a man will ne- ver doe till he be humbled. There is much profef- fion, and many kindes of taking C x n r s T in the world, but the right taking is, when a man will be at this cofl, to part with all,to deny himfelfe pettedly, and every way, and take up his croffe, and every croffe, whe.a his lulls are throughly mortified, and this cannot be tì1 he be humbled :For mark,nothing mortifies but joy and love, that doth propel iy and immediately mortifie; for no roan will part with his lulls, till he finde CH R 1ST fweeter than they, till then he will never part with them in good earneff; now C x r t I S T will never be (weer, till we have found the bittcrneffe of fin, till G o D bath fo prefl it on mens confciences, that they feels the weight and burthen of it. And fo much for the reafons of it. Now

Humiliation before Iuitification. 17 Now theuíè of this is double: Fini, is this fo ne- sE R M.l cefíaty r Then labour to fee your felfe humbled, if ever you looke to be faved and ¡unified, for though Yfe r. G o D offers Salvation to all (as it is true none is -ex. ¡ To labour fai cep :ed) yet hee lookes to none with a gracious eye humilia " °n.° to fave him indeed, but him that is poore and con- trite it heart, and trembler at His Word. And good reafon, for none elfe will looke after Him ; the poore receive the Gefpell, and none elle : When we preach the Gofpell, it is like Cyrus his Proclamation, it was a generali Proclamation, that all that would might goe out of captivitie and build the Temple, but faith the Text, onely they went, whole heart the L o R D flirred up _to gee; others would not goe: So when we preach, we offer Salvation to all men, that is our Commiflion, ciearke'16e Coe and preach Marke le. z 5. to all Nations, that is, offer Grace and Salvation to all men; but when it-comes to the point, that men muff goeout of their captivitie, and build a Temple to G o D, they will not doe ir, they will rather live in captivitie nil', becaufe they be not humble. To goe out of their finnes wherein they have beene cap- tivated, a great -while and to build a Temple to C z a r s that is, tomake their hearts fit temples for C DI- I s r, to purge themfelves from ally ßlthi- neffe of AA and.pirit, to labour to wálke in His feare., to leave all; eventhe beloved finncs,and to de- light in the L o It D, in the Inner rnan,they will nor, what is the reafon e They are not yet humbled, and therefore they cannot belayed., The labile among rage rerem_ the Lewes may be a very fit refemblance hereof, and Nance of the for ought I know,. may be fo intended, to refemble liberty in the the Ùofpeil.

r8 Humiliation before Iufification. R---14.1 the glorious liberty in the times of the Golpel.Now the Iubile was this, All fervants jhould then goe free, but if any would not, (as of them there were many) then he wad to be bored in the care, and to be a perpetuall fervant. So when we preach the Gofpell, this is the great Iubile, every man may be free, the Son comes to that end, and it is the end of the Truth to make 1 men free : The Son comes to deliver every man out of the Gaole, if he will, but men will not be at fiber- tie, they will be fervartts fill!; becaufe they were ne- ver humbled,they never felt the hcavinefl`e of Satans yoke, they were never wearied with fin ; for if they were fo, this would be acceptable newes, but it is Danger to de- not fo. Now marke this by the way, if a fervant 1" "1"" God would not goe free, he fhould not afterwards be at `ats' liberty to goe and flay when he lifl,but nis care fhall be bored, and he fhall be a perpetuall fervant. So if you deferre this when you heare the Gofpell prea- ched, and thinke I will not alway live in this condi- tion, I will repent and come out of ir, know, that is not enough, G o n will not wait thy leafure, if thou wilt not come out, take heed left G o D bore thee in the eares, that is, never give thee an heart to come out. Doe not fay, If it be fo neceffaxy, I will doe it hereafter : take heed that thy opportunities bee not wholly taken from thee , and know that find of Chrias C H R I S T came into the world, not only to take comming. away firm, for that was but a part of it : But what Titus x.r . was His bufioeffe a Flee came likewife to ?trifle to Himf lee a pêt°uliar peoplealoor of goad wakes. I# men might runne outtheir age in frn,and C H 'x i s r forgive them in the end, when they pieafeto give over

Humiliation before Turlification. over finning, then Hee might have one of His ends made good, which is to take away thy finnes, but thou couldit not be a people zealous of good works, neither could He have any fervice of thee. But thou mull know, C H R it T hath hired thee for the whole day, that is, all the Time of thy life. When He went out in the morning to call in Labourers in- to His Vineyard, they did not make anfwer. Well, . we will come at noone, but when His pleafure is to call, whether at one or two a clocke, that is His call, but if Hee call thee in the morning, that is, if thou have the Word preached, if He knockeat the doore of thy heart, and by His Spirit fuggeft many good motions in thee to come home, if His will be revea- led to thee, it may bee thou mayeft not have fuch an ,opportunitie againe; that is His call; take heed that thou deferre it nor,. left fo His wrath fhould be kindled againft thee; and woe unto thee,if His wrath be kindled but a little; this is a thing notconlidered. In Ez,ek. z. q.. i 3. Thou remainefi in thy wickednele ; And why is that t. He gives this reafon for it l would have.purged thee ,and thou wouldeff not he purged,there- ore thou limit never be purged rill my wrath light on thee. That is, when G o n makes an offer, when the powerfull Word founds in our cares; when He call, and we cannotdeny His knockingat our doores,and yet we will not-come in; becaufe then, and thereat that time, thou wouldit not be purged therefore thou (halt never be purged, till G o hr's wrath light nn thee .and:therefaredeferreitnov. Baas :you wilLfa'y ( andhhatii a thing that keepes menoff) I have done it already, and what need you C 2 to 19 SERM.I. ___.... Esek.s$ 13 .

20 SER.1. Humiliation before lufti fication. to prefl'e this e I hope I am not now to pratife there principles and rudiments, I hope I have done this duty of Humiliation long agoc. It is well if thou haft, but take heed thou deceive not thy felfe in this cafe, than which there is not a greater evill in the world, even to thinke thou haft,when thou haft not. I will give thee one note of it : Is it fuch an humiliation as hath brought thee to CH R I sr To count Him the chiefeft good, to over. -goe any thing rather than Him, to Band out againtt.all perfecutions, rather than to forfake Him; canfl thou forfake all Syrens, all lulls and pleafures which allure thee a Art thou thus brought home to CH R i s r, to efteeme Him above all things, that come what will come, hadit thou an hundred lives to part with for Him , all were nothing a Art thou thus brought home with Hu- miliation, that thou wilt not let CH R I s r goe for any thing,neithcr loffes nor pleafures, nor temp - tations on the right and left handethen thou art come homeindeed ; otherwife thou haft not taken Him truely, neither art humble, for thou muft know there is much counterfeit 'Humiliation , there bee many light wounds that may trouble thee, but not bring thee to thePhyfitian. G o awakens finners, but what kinde of awakening is it a With fuck awa- kening that they fall allege againe. G o » may fend many mcffengers of wrath to knocke at the doore of ' their hearts, which perhaps difquiets and troubles them a little, abut they return to their reíl againe. And this o» may noe onelydoe outwardly, but lice may cat: many fparkes of His difpleafure into their ; nfw. Whether Hu- miliation be true. Counterfeit Humiliation.

Humiliation before Iu.ification. 2i their hearts, which may there lye glowing for a time, but they lall nor, they foe our in the end. And this is the condition of moll men, therefore they make many proffers, as if they would be Paved, and come to C x it r s nand this they take for Humilia. tion. But this is not the Humiliation that is requi- red. When God means to fave a man, He will goe thorow with the wotke, and never give over till lice hath brought him home,caufing forrow toabide on his heart. As it is .hr's office to give repentance to men,and remiffion of fins; fo it is His office,Luke 1.79. Topside mess feet into the way of Peace; Now when He will fave a man;He will Let it on fo,that his heart (hall never be quiet till his feet be guided to the way of peace. Others may have-much Humiliation at time ofa Sacrament,or under fome great fickneffe or croffe, or in a good mood, or for apprehenfion of fome lodgement and wrath to come, but it is like a flafh of lightning that quickly vanifhes; but when Chr4 will humble a man, He fees a Pillar of fire be- fore him,that leads him along from time to time,till he be brought home to Cbrit . A .final! thing,when God bath the fettingof it on, fhail wotke, and never give over wòrking,till our heartsbe qualified aright, till we beleeve inr Chrif, and embrace the Gofpell. And filch an Humiliation you mutt have, clfe it is nothing : If it be a right Humiliation, <I fay, it will bring you home; for you muffknow this is the con - dition:of every man, they caììtiorabide the net, no man will conic in if he can chute. Now the G Oíípel is a net that catches men,and as itrthe taking of fifhes, ifthcy will take the fifh, they beat the fides of the C 3 River Luke x. True Humi- liation brings home to ChrilL Gofpell a net. Simile.