Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

triStetftetiktMetettltftgAggitfli* a OR WI,., i +hris Fulns a.nd £ g Mans Ern p tines. a a, r ;: A SERMON Preached by JCHNs P.1. E S 2 O N erc. ei R:. in z Cor. 4. 7. .ws. .:44, What haft thou that thou ha not received ? if thou y haft receivedit, why doff thou hoar, as though '- s, thou' not received it ? . * ti ,,... mi. tz; ,y. a al, S,, 0 P LE NI T V D O FONTIS: R.$ ¡km T L O ND 1 0, Printed by E. B. for John Stafford, and are robe fold at ti s t,4 his houle, at the George at Fleet - bridge, t 6 5 5. i