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all unrighteoufne /Je and ungodlinef . 83 effeCtuall, we will adde the Circumftances, which is SE R. I V. a thing neceffary, for true is the Schoole -wens rule, that in morali things, the circumftance is more than ..The circum- the thing it felfe. Many times in naturali things, ac- doe aftances bravate cidents are nothing in comparifon of the forme; but, franc, In moralibus (as they fay) circumfiantia plus vales quám forma : For it isthe circumftance by which an action lookes, if you looke roundabout it, and fee all that borders on it, it will aggravate, and make fin out of meafure finfull. To run thorow them briefly. Firft, confider this circumftance in fins commit- IThe Majeify ted (I fpeake of the corrupt nature of man) that eve_ offended. r ry fin committed again(} Go D,is not only an offence committed againft fo great a Majefty (for I will not íiand to enlarge that Circumftance, that the finne is, a The affeeti greater, as the perfon is greater, againft whom it is on wherewith it is commit - committed) but confider the affeetion with which ted. you commit it, and you (hall finde all this in a finne committed by a natural! man. Firft, an hatred of G o D in the fin. They thinke I, Hatred of they love G o D ; but if it be fo, what is the reafon G o D. that word is put in, Rom. I.3 o. where the ApofIe Rom, L 30. fpeaking of the rebellion of mankinde, he reckons up particularly,that which here he puts up in the große, in the general], Haters of G o D. You will fay you doe not hate G o D ; but let me aske you this quelli- on, Wouldeft thou not live at liberty e Wouldeft thou not have that removed which reftraines thee ? Couldeft thou not with that there were no fuch arid Law, as G o D's Law is a Couldeft thou not with that there were not any Iudge to call thee to account e Every naturali man had rather bee at liberty, hee G z wifhes