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all unrighteoufne fie and ungodline. certain direr` thoughts which have not fuch refleci. on in the heart of every naturali man, by which hee denyes God, for he honours not codas he oughr, he denyes the Power, the Omni- prefence, the Iuftice, and Omni- fcience,of God, and if you can fee this in his workes, you may fay, there be fuch thoughts in him,becaufe he lives as if there were no God. But you will objet; every man thinkes there is a GOD:. It is true, there is naturally forne light in them ; but where there be two different Principles,there be two different Conclufions, there is forne light plan - ted in them that teaches that there is a God, but rake the darkneffe that is in their heart, fet afide from this light, there is nothing but Atheifine, hee fets GO D afide, and puts up fomething elfe in (lead of Him : forne make pleafures their god, forne make their ri- ches their god, fame make their belly their god,&c. But we cannot (land on this. Thirdly, they defpife God in the commìfiion of fin ; fee it in the fin of lying, wherein a man refpeets man more than God, and fo defpifes God; bee cares not though God knows it, and is a witnefTe to it and fo it is an injury to God, a contending with God. We little thinke it is fo, but fee that place, i Cor. r o. 22. the Apoftle fpeaking there of one particular fin, that is, of eating meat offered to Idols, faith, Will you continue to doe it:' Will you provoke God to jealoufie? Are you f ronger than He ? It is as if you fet your (elves againfi Him of purpofe,to doe Him an Injury. And thefe affections are in thefinne of every naturali man. And that is the firft Circumftance. G 3 A 85 SER. I V. odjet'f. c..tnf'v. 3. Defpifing of GOD. z Corto. 22.