Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

againft all unrighteoufne1 of men. with, then know there is no way to be healed,but to looke up unto I E sus C H R I S r, the Brazen Serpent, (and if a man be not wounded, he will not looke up) G o n's promïfes are generali, He hath bound Himfelfe in His Word,Goe and preach the Go- fjief to every CreatHHre,none excepted,and let him that is athirfi come, and take the waters of life freely. Let thefe drive thee to the L o R D CHRIST, aïid thou (halt certainly beaccepted. And fo much null ferve for that point, The end of the fourtb Sermon. I THE 113 SER. I V.