Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

tab SE onely to convert the foules of men, not onely to build, but alto to plucke downe; not oncly to open the hearts of men to beleeve the Truth, but to har-. den mens hearts to hate the Truth; not but that wet long for the falvation of men, and that the proper end of the Word is to rave men, but the ule they make of it ferves to encreafe their condemnation: So that the more Truth is revealed, if it be not pra- 1ifed accordingly, the greater is the finne. 4 Againe, thefe men are of all others farthel both from Iuílification and Sanctification, this Truth puts them farther off both : I fay, the more know. ledge is revealed, the more they are acquainted with the my aeries of Salvation, if they precifely anfwer it not in their life, they are further than other men from Iuflification, becaufe, as I faid before, they thinke not themfelvesto be as other men;as the Pha- rifce laid, I on not as other men, or as this Publican : Therefore (ayes Chrifl,The Publican ;vent to his houfee failified rather than the other. Againe, they be further from Sancification than others, for they be within their owne eyes, and will carve out their owne wayes, they are not willing to refigne themfelves to G o D, they chufe wayes of their owne, thinking the Word to be foolifh, and common; for the more the knowledge, the ftronger is the refiaance, and therefore they are faid to con- rend with the ,Truth, Rom. 28. To them that are contentious, and obey not the Truth. The meaning is, Men that know much, that are much enlightned,but not truly fanâified, they quarrell with the Truth, they except againft ir, they have many things to al- leage The heft men before regeneration,