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140 SER . VI. In inlighcning 2 In their Con - feience. 3 In common gifts. The belt men before regeneration, Firfl, they may be enlightned to underfland all the Truths of G o n ; there is no Truth we deliver . to you, but an unregenerate man may underaand it wholly, and diflinlIy, and may come to fome mea fure of approbation,he may be well acquainted with the myfieries of Faith and Repentance, to as he may difcourfe thereof better than many that have the things indeed. Secondly, not only fo, but bee may have a Con fcieríce that fhall doe its dutie in many things, hee may make a Confcience of many duties,as you shall finde of divers in Scripture, who notwithfianding were not fànaified. When G o n rent Reho6oam that me ffage,not to goe to warre againfi Jeroboam, know - ing it was G o D's command, he made confcience of obeying ir, and likewife for fome yeares bee ferved the Lord. So when the Lord would' have Ameziah fend backe the Ifraelites, bee durfl not difobey the voice of the Lord, although if hee had looked on all probabilities it might have ruined him. So Abimelecb durfl not meddle with Abraham's wife, when G o D had `given a charge to the contrary. So Balaam in many things reilrained himfelfe, and would not doe but as the Lord commanded him : So that an unre- generate man may keep a good confcience in fecrer, when no man fees it or knowes it. Thirdly,he may not only have his judgement en- ligbtned, and his confcience enabled to doe its dutie in many things,but likewife he may have many com- mon gifts planted in his will and affeâions,manyex- cellent moral! verrues of Iufttice, and' Temperance, and Patience,and in there he may. many times exceed the