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1bith -hold the Truth in unrighteoufne f . 143 fore, unholy men have a light that reaches to corn_ SE R VI. mon Inflict., and to a common care of ferving God, to common morali verrues, and to an upright beha. vicar to men, but further they cannot go,they know not what it is to be exalt, and flriff in all thir'gs, and that is the firlt difference, they know not the react of God, they may goe thorow the whole cour fe of Divinity, and bee acquainted with all the myfle_ ries of Salvation, but that fecret of His they under - ftand not. Secondly, there is this difference in the things 2 they doe know, they know them indeed, (I fpeake They relsth not what they, of them they doe know, that are within their owne knevy, Sphere, their owne compaflè ) but they have not the favour of what they know,that is it which the Scrip. ture call ió pp.evitAcv, the favour of these Truthes they want, and therefore they receive the Truth, but not the love of the Truth; they doe not reliflo ir,they ap- prehend it not aright,and for that caufe they pr wife it not. You have them excellently let downe in Jude 14. they ff eake evill (Cayes the Apoflle) of the things rude x4, they know not. You fee there be fame things they know nor, and therefore they fpeake evill of them : And what things they doe know, A,s heafis without reafon in them, they corrupt themfelves, that is, they doe not praétife according to their knowledge, though they are acquainted with the wayes of God ia that mea- fure,that they know they ought to abstain from there Í and there finnes, yet in there things that they know naturally they are corrupt: So you fee the difference betweene them and the truly regenerate,in matter of underftanding, Secondly,