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n'ith.bold the Truth in unrighteoufnef . 145 and to be forward ; as if thewill were more than the SEEL. VI. deed; and fo it is indeed. A man may performe ma- ny anions of Religion, abftaine from many fins,re -, forme his life in many things, but it is another mat- ter to defire to pleafe God, according to that of Ne -; hemiah i, z i. Let thine eare be attentive to the prayer of thy fervants that defire to feare thy Name : there is none but the fervants of God that dcf re to feare him. If others be asked whether they could not be con - tent there were no Law to reftraine them,that no ne. ceffitie of holineflè lay on them ; they will anfwer, they could defire that there were none,that they were at liberty; and therefore when they make conscience ofany thing, it is not out of willingncffe, but out of a flavifh feare; though it be out of Confcience, yet the Confcience is not good, and in this refpeet they fall fhort. Thirdly, for matter of morall vertues, they may 3 have many excellent vertues planted in their hearts, Moral vertues' wclj are the gifts of the H. Gho fl; for the H. Ghofl not only enlightens the underftandings offome that Thai never be faved,but alto places many gifts in their wil and affections. But this defed they have, they nei- ther come from a right Principle, nor tend to a right end, they come from no higher a Well -head than Nature, they be common to them that be onely na- turali; and therefore it cannot be proper to thetn that (hall be Paved. I fay, Nature is able to bring forth thefe verrues, even as the earth ( for that ft- militude will expreffe it) is able to bring forth two things, Feeds, and Gratrle : You know weeds are unprofitable, and many of them hurtful], but graffe Simile. L is