Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

188 The Law of .mans judgement fewdll, when he doth no`t on not aft ir, negleeìing ' S.VIII. _ _ the means, but doth pur i y fuppreffe it As for Two wzyes. example, when God fhalI Mk a good (parkin any I mans heart, and put in'a good motion, not only re- veales, but airres up'tc T uths which concerne his falvation, and he doth eávor to put it out, to quench it, and labours to la that Truth afleepe, and is glad when by any means hee can forget it, left it (Mould trouble him, this is a great fuppretfrng of the Truth, and by this we not only ficppreffe this Truth, but we doeharden our owne hearts exceedingly; as in iron, whenw.g'quench it, we doe not only put out the fire, but harden the Iron: fo when God airs up many Truths (as it is in hearing the Word,in appre- henfion of-death, in Buffering fouie calamity in a god moód) the putt out of theft doth harden the heart. Therefére, when a man (hall have good purpofès, and thinke with himfelfe; I will now begin ro bee another man; and to change my courtes, and yet (hall goe i Ito ill company, fuch as it may be he hath kept before; this:is an evident fuffocating ofthc Truth, a thing often spoken of, and blame nice not that I fpeake of it againe; for it is the great quench - 1 coale of Religion,a mancannot profper thcrein,ifhe looke not to his company, becaufe it is as a continu. f all dropping on a fire - brand, which will bee lure to # put out the light, and life and grace which one bath. Ghry fofhme compares ill company to putting in of I twine, when a man hath planted- an Orchard with tender Plants ; when he hath fowed ir,and thecorne, or whatfoever it is, appeares, leave the hedge open, i i and let the (wine come in, and they will overturns all