Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

i auuiuíóiní m+ i úu ; a Inc +llsllllllr . uiiullauniIIIñml 111' 'OW f Ilillil ` , M ,_ wti, 11111111 ... .;.19 UI s +i11U(IIj i ya-... a,=^i' fJll thlllll' IUIII LÜllllll{IaIDIIIIngiuilCIItIWWlilzuctinLh. o'';IillmWmlAliWi1110111IIIIIIIII8i101!IIIftlll ! hBUIWII UUUIU I p A SERMON PREACHED AT A GENERALL FAST BEFORE THE CO'M- mons -goure of Parlia- ment : the fecond of July, 162T. lu the time of the Plague. By the late faithful! and worthy Minßerof J E s U s CHRIST, IOHN PRESTON, D. in Divinity, Chaplaine in ordinary to his blajeftfe,IVlafter of Emmanuel Colledge iu Cambridge, and fometimes Preacher of Lincolns I N N E. LONDON, Printed by `,B. for NI c x ò i As BOURNE, and are to befold at his fhop at the Royall Excbönge.t 137.