Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

pmaummmm!Rrr. _.....,.., .....,. ..:.,.,..-__-. s. _ !' .$%+4i.0li*a4000oa0w`8;fr`:. TK.+ i SAIN Ar $64 QYALIPICATION: Thethird Edition correEted. fol o,, A TREATISE L Of HuMILIATIO'N, in Tenne Sermons. II, Of S A N C T I F I CATION, in nine Sermons, WHEREVNTO IS ADDED A Treatije of Cononunionv2ith Chri.;t in the Sacrament, in three Sermons. PREACHED; By the late faithfull and worthy Minift er of IESVS CHRIST, IOHN PRESTON, Doctor in Divinity, Chaplaine en Ordinary to his Majeftie, Mailer of Emanuel Co/ledge in Cambridge, and fometime Preacher of Lincolns Inne. Vvhen men are ca.Ei downe,then thou ¡halt fay, T here is lifting u p : and he ¡hall fave the humble perIon, lob zz.a9. Call away from you all your tranfgreßions, whereby ye have tranfgreffed, and make you a new heart, and a new glint, en,c. Ezck, 18. 3 I. He that e s,my ßefb and drinkes my blond, dwelleth in me andI in him, 1011,6. 56. LONDON, Printed OZ for N. Bourne, and are to be fold by T. Nicholee at the Bible in Popes-head Alley. 1637. *fools ofttout 04, 400 Cee.0e 4+1