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io Humiliation before "unification. S E R M., juflified and engrafted into Chrift;but when they be once juflified, then Chrift (hall cat} him out; you (hall fee him fall like lightning out of the hearts of men : and this is that which was before prophefied, He Pall bring forth j uddement unto victory ; that is,He fhall overcome the Prince of the world, take away fin, and enable men to ferve Him in holìnefn. And this is the method you muff oblerve in turning to God, labour to be convinced of finne, then of Righre. oufneffe, and then of lodgement. And to Phew the neceffrtie of this, take that one Gal. 3. :4. place, Gal.3. 2 q.. a place you all know, The Law mutt be a Schoole - matter to bring us to Cbrifl. No man li_ ving can come to Chrif ,till the Law be his Schoole- rhe Law a matter. Now how is the Law a Schoole - matter e Schoolc ma- It gives leffons that wee cannot goe through with, ficr, hcw. thereby is fuch a Re1itude required, as we arc not able to reach, like the Schoole - mafters taske to the Schofler, which hce is not able to pet forme, and is therefore faine to goe to another to doe his exercife for him. So the Lord tels men, you mull be exa-t- ly holy, perfect righteou(iieffe mull run thorow the whole courfe of your life : when we fee we cannot doe it, it makes us run to Chrif to have His righte- oufneffe imputed tous; filch a neceiTitie is there that men be humbled. TWO things Now that you may a little better underfland keeYe me s this point, you mull know that there are but two from corn- things that keepe men off from comming to Chrift. ning to Christ One is unbeleefe, when they doe not beleeve that he is the Meßiah, or that they are to be Caved by Him. Vnbeleefe. This was the great hindrance in the Apoftics rime, and