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283 SERM.I, T H E FIRST SERMON vPoN THE NEVV CREATVRE. 2 C O R . 5.17. Therefore if a man be in Cbrill, let him bee a New Creature. E have propounded to ourfelves this me- . thod. ;F .. Firft to !hew that we are out ofChrif?, and there our work was to humble men. Secondly, to fhew what wee have by Chrift, and how we are made partakers of him, and that is done by faith. The third is to fhew what we fhould doe for Chrift, and here begins the worke of SantJtification : for (as I told you) there were the three parts of the Apoftles Ambafhage : To preach the Law firft, that it might be a Schoole - malter to bring us to Chrift And then to preach Iuftification by Chrift : Thirdly, to preach Sani%fication. Now we have choral thisText as a ground for the The d laft, having finifhed the two former. penaance We will Phew you in a word how it depends upon vvoras: what