Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

The Table. Anger. Difference betwene hatred and Anger, 1,2.68 Zeale for the Church acceptable to God , when hee is Angrie with it, 1,271 Apparel!. eIpparell one benefit by Cbriff, 3, 552 What that Apparell is, 3, 553 Flow to make ufe of this eflppa- rell, 3,556 Apprebenfson. The Apprehenfion makes happy or miferable, I. 221 Affurance. Bfferance encreafed by humilia- tion, 1, 29 Authority, To preach with Authority,, what, 2,419 B Baptifine. BAptifine tends to fanEtifica- tion, 2,300 Biteever, Beleering. Difference betweene temporary and true Beleevers, 2,320 Beleeving difficult, 3, 489 Blindne ffe. Blindne f fe of mans underfanding 1,41 Why maris underftanding is Blinde, Ibid. Boldne Exceffe of Boldne ffepl ow preven. ted, .I, 270 Forgtveneffe of fin c,pfeth Bold- ne f fe, 2,441 Bondage. Spirit ofBondage, an help againft finfull excufes 1, t o0 Spirit of Bondage how it workes, 1, Jo' Borne, Thofe that are íàved by the fecond Adam are Borne of him, 2,297 Berthen. Sinne inwhat reipet a Berthen, 2, 443 Bußne Too much Bufine ffe a great impe- diment, 1, 191 C Caufes, U. Od workes by fecond Co/ fix, Chan e. 1, 244 g Flow to know we are Changed, To give God the praife of 3ou4r Change. 2, Chrir What keepes men from Chrifl, 1, I O, 2, 302 What makes us prize Chrifg, I, End of our ingrafting into Chr, 2,299 San &cification by the blood of Chrifl, 2,3co How to take Chrifl, 2, 345 j What fliould move us to love Chrifl,