Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

tt4 4444 44 441-4,3 4,444 444 T I-I , I! CJ I - ¡ .E i$ , F THE, SAINTS.. INFIRMITIES 4.s 401 ; g Delivered in feverall Sermons by $' t JOHN PRESTON, Dodor in Divinity, .%Iaifier: of 41. Emanuel Collc.:lge C A lVt- ER.IDGE. 4.4. 7ó And late Preacher of Lineoloes lone, cgL c. `-,ZgRra ll X.4= U.. Imprinted at London;by d. oke,f, for H, 7durton, and are to be fold at his lhop in S. DxnfFatàs Church-yard in Fleet-íireet. 163 8, éigii13 V it a+