Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

efitialtOtireitikiii e itilitililitSi te ii U D Si .3. 3: HIS 6" es entnce. I o 0 spo I`ITABLEE T` HE LAM E 61* EFFECTS OF A STARTLED e* CONSC I HN C II. Delivered in eight feverall Doctrines, ei raifed from the third, fourth, and fifth Ycrfcs of the 27 . Chrpter of the Gofpell by Saint (Matthew. i i All the ufeftall and profitable Obfervations of that late Reverend Divine l JOHN ,E S 7` O Z, +1 qf Dr. in Divinity, Chaplaine in Ordinary to his Majefty, Mailer oii Emanuel/ Colledge in : Cambridge, and fometiirues Preacher tiy of Liaceünr-lnne. 0 tit StteS16 L. 44VFT112*** ele : -Av Printed at Leldom for Andrew Crooke. 1637. *0 : litittn#11000.1 1Mi$rifift.: