Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

all unrighteoufizefJe and ungodline, know,it is His Command you fhould not fiveare`, not only greater, but Ufa. oathes e To keepe the Sabbath, to keepe your ve fels pure, your bodies cleane,f or t hey are the Temples of G o D,and therfore that you ought not to defile them with any uncleanncffe, drunken - neffe, or Gluttony : doe you nor know, Hee com- mands that you Gould be confiant in prayer, that you performe it conflantly, and earneffly, and fervent- ly r Nov confider what Di föbedience is; Remember that fpeech,Hafl thou eaten ofthe Tree concerning which Ieommanded,Paying, Thou fhalt not eat of it ? This is the difobedience of mans will, labour to fee this, how apt thy will is to breake the Commandements of G o D, and how in thisrefptu`f thy nature is full of all unrighteoufneffe, and ungodlineffe. Next, wee will come to the memory, and you 3. The corrup_ shall finde that out of order likewife, that the things Mem r the G o D commands us to remember, thofe we arc ex. Y ceeding ready to forget, and the things we fhould forget, wee are too ready to remember, wherein I , will be briefe. Firf}, for the things Hee commands us, Hee doch r.Tn the things command, Remember thy Creator in the dayes of thy we are com- manded to Re- youth. In your youth you (hall ferve mee, and yet member. how apt is youth to forget Q o D e, And for the Sabbath, Hee bids us Remember to-keepe ..holy the Sabbath day : How apt are wee to negle& it, t o`dif obey it e Ir is out of our mindes. So Pfalm.7 8.ìr . Pfai.aa,i z. Hee would have His wondrous: workes,, and the great (..41-is Hee did for the children o Ifrtel,Remembred, but they remembred Aot I f i1 .: hee) ki~is-Wonders in Egypt Ana fo wee ,xnay ;goe thxoiig1Y an E thing 49 SERm. I1.1