Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

b z Trca cire. To the Reader. frame o f a Chri flian life, which is fo fore unfaund as we retame any thing of corruptedfelfe, unhumbled for. The foundation of Chriflianity is layd very ¡9W ; and theref ®re the Treatife of Humiliation ù hell' premifed lefore that of the b New Creature. God will build upon nothing in us. We mu fl be nothing in our filves, before we be raifed up for aft Temple for God to dwell in, whofe court is to pull downe before he build. old things mutt be out ofrequefl, before all become new, and without this newneffe of the whole man from Vnion with Chrifl, no interefl in the new Heavens can be hoped for, whereinto no defiled thing find enter, as altogether unfutable to that condition and place. Nothing is in reque fl with God but this New Creature, all things elfe are adjudged to the fire, and without this it had bcene better be no Creature at all. By this we may judge of the r f fulneffe of d f ourfes tending this way. one thing more thou art to be advertifed of (Courteous Reader) and that is, of the injurious dealing offuch ,es for private gaine have pu6lifhedwhat they can get, howfiever taken, without any acquainting either of thofe friends of the Authors that refilled in Cambridge (to wlrofe care he left the publi[hing of thole things that were deliveredthere) or elm, to whom he committed the publithing of what Mould be thought fit for publike view, of that which was preached in London. Hereby not only wrong is done to others, but to the deceafed likewife,by mangling and misfhaping the birth ofhis brain, and therefore once againe we defire men to forbearepubll.. thing of any thing, untill theft that were intrufed have the review. 4nd fo we commit the Treatifi, and thee to 'Gods bleßìng. Richard Sibs. John Davenport.