Reynolds - HP BS1450 110th R38 1632

od can eagly defircy theu)ic ed. UI all their cobwebs ,and fweepe awaytheir refuge oflies, how eafily hee can fpoile them of all the provisions of their lulls, and leave them like a lambe ina large place, they would bee more fearfullofhim ,and leffe dote upon things which will notprofit,they would take heed how they abufe their youth, frength, time abilities,as ifthey had a fpringofthemall within then-elves, and confider that their good is not in their ownehand,that the fcithe can get as well through the greene graffe as the dry flubble,that confining fire can as well melt the hardef metall as the foftefl wax. What is the reafonwhymen in fore extremities make firong refolutions, andvow much repentance and arnendmentof life , and yet as Toone as they are off from the rack returne againe to their vomit and wallow in their wonted lulls, but be- caufe their fenfe made them feele that then, which if they had faith theymight fill perceive, and co fill con- tinue in the fame good refolutions, namely that Gods handwas neere unto them?But what,isnotGoda Goda- fore ofj as well at were at hand ? doth not hee fay of wickedmen , that in the fulnere of theirfofficiency they fhall bee in firaites ? cannot hee blaft the come in the blade, in the harvef, in the barne, in theverymouth of the wicked ? Did hee not cut offBelfhazt4r in his cups, and Herod in his robas, and7344ion and Tyros in their pride, and Haman in his favor, and lezabel in her paint? Have but faith enough to fay I am a man, and therefore no humane events fhould bee (range unto mee , and even that oneconfederation may keepe a man from out- rageoffinning. It maybee I have abundance ofearthly things,yetam I fill but a gilded potfheard It may bee I have excellent endowments , but I have them all inan earthen veffell. And (hall the potfheard (rive with the potter,and provoke him thatmade it? This would teach us to fcare and tremble at Gods power. Though wee looke upondeath and judgment as a-farreoff , yet God can VERSE I fob ao.n. Amos 4,7. Hore.2.9, Hag.x.9. Hof.9.z. Pfa78.3o,3r,