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A N PLICATION OF VN EY EH El AND VNT Ft F), s A wsil: WPIEkEIN the feverall Heads of CHRISTIAN Religion therein contained; touching the Exaltationof civift,the Scepter ofhis Kingdome, the Charaaer ofhis Subjeets, His'Prieflhood,Viaories) Suarings , and Refurre6tion, *re largely explained andapplied. Being thi Subftance of feverall Sermons preached at L I N C 0 L N S INNS; By EDWARD Rii-YNOLDES fometimes Fellow of (Merton Colledge in Oxford, late Preacher to the forefaidHonorakle SOciety,and lieetor of the Church of iiraungon in iVorthhampto LONDON, Imprintedby Felix Kynglion for Robert Balocke,and are to befold at fhop in Pauls Church yard at the figne of the Kings Head. 163 z.

momont...0.0,10.=e TO THE RIGHT HONO- RABLE THOMAS, LORDCOVENTRY, Baron of Ailsborough, and Lord Keeper ofthegreat SealeofEngland,&e. tiltofl Noble Lord, T was the devout profeffion which Saint LAuilita once made of himfelfe , when fpeaking of the great de- light which hee took in Ci- ceroes Hortenfitis ( as eon- taminga molt liberall exhortation to the love co,fpi.3 ofwifdome,without any bias or partiality to- wards feets)heaffirmeth,that the heateofthis his delight, was by this onely reafon abated, becaufe there was not in that booke to bee found the Name of Chrift without Which Name, nothing, though otherwife never fo politeand elaborate, could wholly poffeffe thofe affedions, which hadbeene trained to a nobler fludie. AndGregory Z(azianzen,that fa- Orat.19 mous Divine, fetteth no other price uponall his Athenian learning ( wherein hee greatly excelled) but onely this, that hee had fome- thingofworth,ro efteeme as nothing in com- pardon ofChrift ; herein imitating the exam- ple of S. Paul, who though hee profited in the Gal.I.40. IewifhReligionabove manyothers,yet when the Sonne of God was revealed in him, laid it. Pn" 3'8* A 2 all

fallseassessesseearemaS The Epi/Ile Dedicatory. all afideas loffe and dung for the excellencyof the knowledgeofarty/ lefus histord.The con- fiderationof which facred affeaions in thole holy men, together with the many experien- cesofyour Lordfhips abundant favor,hath put into meea boldneffe beyond my naturall dif- polition,toprefix fo great a name before the poore pieces ofmy lAbours in Gods Church. Other argument in this booke there is none to procure either your Lordfhips view or pa- tronage, than this one, (which that good Fa- ther could not finde in all the writings of Plato or Cicero) that it bath that. High andholy Perlin; for the Subject thereof, the knowledge of whom is not onely our greateft learning, but our Eternall Life. In this confidence I have prefumed to prefent unto your Lordfhip this publike Teftimony of my molt humble duty, and deepobligations for your many thoughts offavour and bounty towards me, not inmy felfeonely, but in others, unto whom your Lordfhips goodneffe bath vouchfafed under that I-4)dt tooverflow.TheLerdlefra,our cur- lifelchifedek,meet your Lordfhip in al thole honorable affaires which hee hath calledyou unto, with the conftantrefit:Amon and benedi- Ilionof his holy Spirit, and longpreferveyou a faithfull Patrone ofthe Church which hee hath purchafcdwith his owne blood ; and a worthy inftrument ofthe juflice, honourand tranquilitieofthis kingdome. Tour Lordfbips molt ' humblydevoted, Ed. Reynolds.

vomessearmatareasaersessammavzc4 .907.0.0.....011111440 INIMONIPINOMI To the Rader. Hriaian Reader, when I was firfl perfwaded to communicate fome ofmy poore labours to the pub- like, my pui pole was to have ad- ded unto thole Treatifes which were extant before fo much of thefe which I now prefent unto thy view, as concerneth the Elogies of the Gofpell of Chrifi,the infirument ofbegetting thelifeof Chrili inun for little reafon had I confidering mine owne vveake- neffe,the frequent returnes of that fervice wherein thefe pieces weredelivered, and the groningof the preffe of lateunder writings ofthis nature, to trouble the world a fecond time with any more ofmy (lender provifions towards the worke ofthe San&uary, in this abundance which is on every fide brought in. But finding that worke grow up under minehand into a jufl volume, and conceiving that it might bee bothmore acceptable and ufefull tohandle a whole Scripture together(efpeci- ally being bothof fo noble a nature, and at firfi view of Co difficult a feat:, as this Pfalrne is) than to Tingle out tome vette and fragment by it felfe ; I therefore refol- ved once more toput in my Mite into the Treafurie of theTemple,wbich(though for noother reafon)mayyet I hope be for this caufe accepted,becaufe it beareth the Image and Infcription of Cbriii upon it. Some paffa- ges therein are inferted whichwere delivered in another A 3 order,

ro theIkeyer. order,and onother Scriptures, and fame likewifewhich were delivered in other places, and on other occafions ; which yet being pertinent to the reties of the difcourfe, I thought might juftly feeme as naturall parts, and not as ach,W.N, incoherent and unfuteable pieces. Such er- rors as have efcaped in thepreffe, and the unfitneffe of fome oftheThiel of the Pages (which in my farreab- fencefrom the preffe, while moil ofthe booke was un- der it, were ordered byothers who attended upon it) I thandefire thee courteoufly to paffe by : thole greater flips which mayhaplyperturbe the fenfe, I have noted together. So fubmitting my poore labours to thy favou- rable Cenfure,and commending thee to the Bleiling of God. I reft, 6. A,

O./uno1/1tmarsof noomr.m...miNIMO effTableoftheContents. Hrifi lefets theInflowofHelyScripturer. Pag.i The Ordinationof Chrift unto his Kingdome. 6 The Qualifications ofChrillfor his Kingdome. 7 The 0tealitieofCbrilis Kingdome. 9 How thewill is drawn; unto Cbrill. i 1 Subjetlion unto theKingdomofC'hrif. I 12 Hew Cbrift is aLard tohispeople, andto hisfire-fathers. 17 The right handof God. 22 Chrifisfitting at Godsright handncteth, I riirglerious Exaltation: 23 Allfirengthfromhis exciting andariflinggrace. 25 2Hisaccomplifhng all his worker onearth. 29 3 The allnall Adminifirationofhis Kingdome. 4Thegivingofgiftsuntomen. The Arke, how aType of aril?. How the Spirit WMgivenbefore Chrifi, andbowafter. The difference sAfiba in. enaerjotfohwishott )., asfent.iP4g. 596- MU is the Meaftereofhis'grace in regardof knowledg. fireiegth. The Realms oftbe Spirits Mifflon. How theSpirit is a comforter to the Church. I Bybeincour AdvocateAnd how. 2 ByreprefentingCbrigakent to the[We. 3 By afweete andfrmitfullsllumination. 4By unffreakibleandglerioist joy. How theSpirit worketh this joy in theheart. {Humbling. Healing. I Renewing. By his Ails of Pre/rving. I Frutlibing. (Sealing. Emnitie againfl Cbrifiinallhis Officer. A 4 P° 33 34 3S 37 2 43 44. 47 48 49 Groondi

TheTabEe. 411110001. 4404...= Grounds ofmillierfwxfion touching our love, to Chrift : I Thecountenance of'Princes and publickLaws. 59. 2 The Rules oftraditionand education. 60 3 Selfe love, andfmrtheranceofprivate ends. 61 4 An Woricall affiirance ofhis being now inglory. 66 5 /gaffe anderrotioutlevet° his ordinances. 68 True love untoChrifi 5Proportion that is in him toourfotiles. isgrounded on the Propriety that otsrfOules have unto him. 69 This true love will manifefl it felfe, Spirit. In an univerfall extent to any thing ofChrifi his Ordinances.?- 71 Members. Incorrsopt. Ina right manner it is love < Superlative. 74 Vncommtenicated. Vniverfail obedience. 75 Chearefullfuffering. 3 In the genuine effetls thereof 76 Zealeofhis glory. Longing after his appearance. 1. 77 The continuanceand limitationof ChrifisKingdome. 77 An ;malterableDecree. 79 Thellithility of theChurch Afree gifi ofGod to Chrift. 80 groundedupon AgrowingNature ofits owne. 8 I Papall Monarchy raifedupon inevident prelismptions. 32 The flabilityofthe Church aground ofcomfort againft the violence ofthe ening . 8g Theprefent inconfummateneit of Chriftsvictories over his enemies,with the reajonsofit. 91 Godspatiencebathfixedhounds. The wickedjhalacepunilhed67 gods immediate power. TheeafinefieofChrifis vitloricoverhis enemies. Thefollyofnature to hedge of God or our/elves by things in the prefent. 110 The punehmentofthe wicked bringetborder andbeautyon thefiwe oftheWorld. What it is to bet under Chrilisfeete 93 98 io8 113 114 ChriJt

TheTable. amosoworwsms anormaarmoot posrasvommoormin Chrigfuffereth in thefurerings ofhis Church. 115 Chrsgs Triumph over his enemies,andthecomforts thereoftete . 118 Shame. 122 Footfioole noteth Burden. 123 Reconspence. 124 Plefrilneffe. 126 The gofPell with theSpirit 1:s fall ofpower andfirength r 13 5 (Cower/los. 1 37 1 iraflificertion. 140 Towards thole that arefavecLin their< I I Sanaifi IPerfeve cation. 141 rance. 142 Comforts.' 143 (Tessporallbleifings. 144 IConvInamg them. 145 AffrightiIthem. 150 2 Towards thole thatperifhin< budging them. 151 I Ripening their 153 Enraging them. 153 1A/tering them. 155 The gold to beepreachedwith authoritie. 156 The &Mato bee received in thepower thereof. 157 The Gefpell end, able.toholdup in extremities. 158 Noacquaintance withGodbut in the Gefpell. 159 The Gofpell U notfent invaine. 161 The Gofpell with the Spirit lefallofglory4 162 In regardofAutherofit. 165 The Ge.sclella myflery ussfearchablebyhumane realm, 167 Contemptofthe CITYpreached contemptofChrift ht. glory. 171 Expell to Beare Chrgi eakingfrom heaven in IA:sword. 173 2 In thepromulgation thereof. 176 Evangelicall knowledge the meafore ofgrace. 179 3 In thematters therin contained. i80 HisWifedome, Goodneffe,Tower,Grace,Kingdome. 182 Gods glory can nowhere bee lookedon with comfort but in Chriff. 184. 4 In ends andpurpofesforwhich itferveth. 186 To agis*MOInri*

The Table. Viemeamemer ........4.......... 0........e 0... easaimi Imammommog,. To illighten the conrcience. 187 To bee amigrationofrighteoufiefe. 189 Tobee a minioration oflfe. 190 Tobeeafpirituallludge in the heart, 191 To bee an abidingmigration. 192 To enable the heart, 195 Magnanimity. 196 With Fortitude. 198 Lucre wist andinajefiy. 200 Libertyandjoy. 201 Thedifpencersofthe Gofpellare thereinto rife Libertie. 201 Susanne. 205 The GapIl tobee receivedwith allhonorftel acceptation. 208 And 1to bee adorned inatoneable converfation. 214 Wee adorne the GoilellofChrifl. 1 When weefet it sip inour hearts its our °tidy rule. 216 2 When weewalke infitting obedience thereunto. 219 3 Whenweecontinue therein. 219 4Whenwee holdit in the untieoftheSpirit. 221 5Menweeferioullylecke theknowledgeofChrill andheaven in it. 222 6Whenwee make it our only Altar ofrefuge in trouble. 223 aril?bathe migeryofhis GoldIisfrillofcareoverhis Church. 228 Thiscare[eosin his Love. 233 Studie&ingiifitivenep. 233 Conlancy & continuance. 234 Emplyingofhimfel(e. 235 Layingdowne his lift. Grace andSpirit. 236 'Freparationsfor thefuture. IFood. 237 Guidance. The efirea ofhie care< Health. 238 IComfort,. 239 lProtellion. Thegrounds ofthis care. Hee '

The Table. umessemsaasserannamma. 240 241 256 Faithfulnefe. Chrillpreached is to bee received, 257 257 With Love. Meeknefe.' 259 Gods ordimationgives life andmajefly to his ordinances. 260 There is a isatorall Theologie, no naturall Chriflianitie.' 261 Gods lodgement onfearchable in hiding the Golpellfromformer ages. 262 The Golpellan heavenly invitationunto mercy. 263 The golpelltiot to beepreachedbest by thole that arefent. 264 Clodsprovidencecallingupon thewanes. 265 Three thingsrequigt to) Meete pialifinfitiOnofthe cFidelity. 265 an ordinary million ) perfon lent 268 Lecclefiafticallordination by impofitionof hands. 269 The Chorchofthe Jews WAS the chiefe MetropolitanChurch. 269 Thecallingofthe gentiles tobeDaughtersof that Mother Church, 27 I. TheChurch if thefeate of(avingTruthi 2.73 The office of theChurch concerning Holy Scriptures. 275 Theflabilitie oftbe Church, with thegrounds thereof. 278 WhethertheChurchmayfaile. 281 Whether theChorchbeealwayes visible. 282 ChrifisKingdom is a HatedKingdome. 28+ Uralhashenemies there where hisKingdom,is/et 286 ChriAt tee is our Kinfman. -e our Companion. Hee td oar Head. Hee isour Advocate. 24.2 lice is our Porchafer.. 24+ .4right lodgement ofGod in Chi ift dothmochflrengthenfilitb. 24.5 The Golfrell Chrifisgonefirength. 249 Chrifi then is tobeepreachedandnot otirfelves, 250 Aitthoritse, 254 Wijedome. 254 With illeeknefe.

TheTable. ................, re.anow...42,=. ................... % Chriffs Kingdomelironger than all advertoppolition. 287 Cbrills Kingdome quiet in themilsofenemies. 290 Thefaithfullare Chrifisownepeople, rDnation. 296 1Turchafe By aright of< Conquell. 297 Covenant. L.Corismmnion. 298 rreemaybelong untoChrifi by .Externall profeffion. 2 Reall Implantation. S 299 Chrifl bringethftlfe-evidencing properties into thefoule. 300 iCaringfor as. gos 'Purgingoftu . 306 Chrifisproprictie to us thegroundofhisita4ryi:nggoojc Pi"' : 307 I Teaching ofus. Lehaflifingsu inmercy; Chrifispeoplemilitariemen. 308 Satanswayes andMethodes of afaulting theChurch. 309 Chrspeople are willinglyfubjeel untohim. 312 By naturemenareutterly unwilling. 312 313 Apt tocharge thewayes ofGodas Vnprofitable. Visequall. 314 The Spirit ofBondagecompelleth many tounwilling fervices. 314 Thepowerofthe word in natural/ menworke_th avelleitie or incomplete will. 315 (-Evidence andfenfeof their natureelate,. 320 Spiritual! illumination of minds. 3z1 Communion andadfpiration ofthe Spirit ? Willingrale in Chrifispeople, Apprehenfion ofGods deareLove. 3' 34 wrought by the '''' Beauty andpretioupreffe ofheavenly promifes. 315 Experiences ofpeace , comfort, and fecurity inGo:2s raayes. 326 LEcatity ofbounefe. , 321 Sucheu thewill isfilch is thefervice. Becaufe thewill is theJill mover. '328 Becaufe ___

The Table, 1 0.1avo*.a.oftwomms toonmemer11........sems.rawaso ..................... ............... Becaufe God elleemeth himfelfemoll honoured thereby. 330 Whether thole who are truly Chrilz's peoplemay not havefearer andsm- willingnefe inbitfervicer 3 30 1 They mayhaveafears of 1 . . 33 I ,, ..-"Seffering Gods wrath. Ofnseahng withhtsfervice. 2Theymayhavedeadnefe,weoirineffe,anda mixture o flinwillingnere in hisfervice, 332 (Strength ofcorrtiptions . 1 1Weakneffe ofgraces. I From the< Importunitie ofTemptations. > 333.334 I Weight offomefieAfinne. LSpiritsialldefertiont. J 3 yet fill' their wills are fincerelycarriedtowards god. 33 5 Chrilispeoplearcmade willing to obey him by anasofpower. 337 Theground hereofis the teniverfall flefhlinefe and relsillancy of the will naturally againftgrace. 344- Themore earne(1fhouldwee bee toserve Chrifl when weearehi,. 347 Hob:fetegloriosaandbeautifullthing. 349 (Author ofit. 351 Nature ofit. 352 lure ( ando the Aellitude. g f 'I. 3Harmonie. I Properties of t ' Mattoritie. LOperationsofit. 357 2. Indefcieney. All (krill,peopleare Priells unto God. Relinele thecharafier ofCoesfubjetis. Nonewilling to come to Chrig till theyfeebeauty inhisfervice. Ukfultitsides borne unto Cbrillby the Gokell. Whetheruniverplity andvifiblepompe bee anote oftheChurch. All Chrifis lobjefis are witballhis Children. Andfhouldexprefe the affealonsofChildren. TheBirth ofa Cbriflianis aheavenlyworke. Therefore thefeedwill bee received withheavenlyaffelliont. Thee: farewee swift lool untogodin his Ordinances,,_ The Birthofa Chriftianafecret andandifcernedworkeg The&fib ofa Chrifilan is afsiddenBirth. 354 356 357 359 359 363 365' 369 374 376 377 379 380 380 381 How

The Table. ,......4Airemommes00 11,84_111111111,vow/ 11=0 How the Lordfweareth. 384 Vrhy the LordconfirmedtbegriefhoodofChrift 17*loath. 385 Chrillsplenum Ordinationunto the office ofaTriefi. 387 Which is tbefousdationofall the Churches Comfert, 388 (*Fidelity. 390 I Mercy. 59! I Power. ibid. inregardofChres< !Propriety. ibid. iSympathy. 393 (Coxfaxgoieriy. ibid. 393 395 398 What a prieft is. 402 grounds tending to difeover the neceffityofaprieflfor,flan. 403 e/Idifroveryofthat neceffity, 408 With the Application thereof. 411 aloalifications oftheperfon which wastebe our Niel?. 416 (4Mediator, 4171 1 it Surety, 18 Hewas to bee . - ?all in the unityofone Ferfon.42o la Sacrifice 4. , ibid. 1 I an Altar. I 410 Wherein theAlit ofChrifis Prieft-5Oblation. 5 hood confitted, namely, .? Interceffion. .S 424 Orin., will made his death aSacrifice. 425 Cbrills.Interceffion or Appearing inHeavenfor us, 428 Chrills death did merit, andhis life conferre Redemption. 429 Wherein Chrifis Interceffion coulifleth. 431 NocAtediators ofInterceffion. 433 Thegreat benefits which come to toby Chrilis Intercefion. 434 What id thefruit and vertueof ChriJts Prieghood, name' ,-Satisfanionforour debt, Acquifitionofour inheritance. 438 An Explicationof theDoflrine ofjuflificationby righteoufnere impu- ted. 440 How I HowGod isfaidto repent. Whether God bath repented him of thelaw. Why the Covenant of Grace le immutable

The Table. Vomarrammnr...11P 111.0006111 How Chrifibeing innocent might POO fivffer thepimilhment of our!Amer. 444 I.Godmaycalpinesuponan innocentperfon. 444 2. It isnot again'? genera&spityfar onto fitffer anothers finite. 446 3.71it Equity in theprefentcafea:Jobeal 1 parties Willing ). are kerb and 446 Glorified. 4.10the innocentperfon thus pilfering .0afacrificefor the nocent is required, I. An intimate conjuntlion with him that is nocent. 447 2. AMdominionover thatfromwhich infofferingbe parteth. 448 3. A flrength to hreake through thejoifferings. 449 Howlinne thus punithedmayheraldtobepardoned. 449 Adoable fifeofthe &Urine ofRighteoilieffe ,i i Selfi-deniall. 450 mlmted Confidence. 452 ledsmolancieofChrills merit, purchajing S Immunityfromevils. 455 or N't Priviledgeof Vittrion, Tilden with himwhenceoar Adoption, 456 Exaltation. Tatiesgrowing out oftheconfederationofChrifispriephood. ' 457 OfMelchifedck his perfon, Order, Bread and Prise I, Bet:edit-1ton; Tithes, gmealogie. 461 Chrigisa KingofRighteottfileffe. 465 Chrift isaKingofCanaanite:. 467 Where Chrifl is 4 KingofRighteoufiteffe,heis a XingofPeace, 469 Chrifliforwardnefetomeeteandto6Ieffe hispeople. Liberallmaintenance doe unto the ildinifiersofthe Gold. Y . 471 Chrifta ComforterandRefielherofhispeople. 47 2 Chrifi aReceiver ofHomageandrribute. 473 475 Chrillt VOowwOMMK

The Table. 0.4mol &WNW:,reiliIIIIIPNIM MI11111~~1116 ....MMINIIIIMISMO. Chrispriefthood is everlafints. 482 rrhy the Lord is laid to be at the Right Hand 04Church. 485 Cbrifis enemies kings. 487 t./111praife andhonour to bee given-unto Godforthe PowerodOfficeof Chriji,, 489 Chrift Uprefentandprepared to defend hispeoplefrom theirenemies.491 Chriiiinhis appointed time will setter overthrowhisgreateli enemies, 493 Tempting. , 494. Satan, entnitie is in Accufing. 495 How theSpirit ofjudgement evercommeth corruptions. 495 HowChrfgovercommeth his potent adverfaries in the world. 498 There isa couflitutedtimewhereinChrigwill be avenged ofhis enemies. 502 503 Pniver4y, which ilk:none by its Impudence, 504 ,Obilinacie. 2. when theChurch is thronghly bumbled am'purged. 506 3. Whetsallhumane hopesandexpeaationearegone. 506 Chrifisviaories areby wayofpleadingand diReptation. 509 A torrent ofcurler betweenmanand Salvation. 515 TheNeceffityofChrifisSufferings. The Greatne andNature of Chrifis Sufferings. 521,5522 f e The power,andvenue ofChrifisReporreilion. 524 Pnenjinneisgroyne to itsfalnefe

WOOMMOI01111.101.1......, AN EXPOSITION OF THE HVI\T- DRETH AND TENTH PSALMS: PSALME izo. verf: z. The Lord laiduntomyLord, Sit thou st my right hand s untill 1 make thine enemies thy foot- HRIST IESVS the Lord is the Summe and Center of all divine revealed truth, nei- ther is any thing to be prea- ched unto men, as:an object of their faith, or neceffary element of their falvation, which loth not, Comeway or other, either meete in him,or refer unto him. All Truths, efpecially divine, are ofa noble and pretious nature ; and therefore, vvhatfoe- ver mytteries of his Counfell God hath been pleated in his Word toreveale, the Church is bound in her mini- (laic to declare unto men. And Saint Paul profeffeth his I VERSE I.,z. 2 COr.4.5. I COr.4.r,z. Eph.4.2.o. returnChrifliani norninis pondw. &ImamMors Chrifii.Tertia 1.Cor.3,6,14. a Zuideft quad dieitur Teita. inentumvetus, nisi occultatio novi?& quid aliudquaddi- citur novurnnifi v.eterisRevela- tio.Aug.DeCiv. hoc occultabatur in vetert Teaa- mento pro tem- porum dienra- tione juftallima, quoa revelatur in novo. id. De pec,rnerit.d. re- c.n. Et tom.4.De Cateth rud,eam. zia;jihi ci oyepAiliApitnr. antynXtov TO psfir, 77-0-7,4pay.etvar,. pain. Ma tyr, Mat.5' Mat.7.12. Luk 16.i 6,31. Luk 9. 2.8. Hilar.can.1.7. in Math.S.,Arnbr. 1i.7. in Luc. Loh.' .17. Chrifi the Surnme oftheScriptures. his faithfulnea therein, 1 havenot*Joined to declareun- to you all the Counfell of God. But yet all this Court - fell (which elfevvhere he tale 1-0,P6e.ovrAti-, the tellimonie of God) he gathers together into this one conclufion, I determined not to know any thing amongfl you,that is, in my preaching unto you to make difcovery of any other know ledge, as matter ofconfequence or faith, but only cflefut Chrifi, andhim crucified. And therefore Prea- chingof the Word is called preaching of Chrig, and Mi- nifierrof the Word, Minifiers ofChris. and learning of the Word, Learning of Chrift, becaufe our Faith, our Workes, and our Worfhip (vs, hich are the three eWcntiall elements of aChriflian,the whole dutieof man,and the whole will ofGod) have all their foundation, growth, end, and vertue only in and fromChriff crucified. There is no fruit, weight, nor value in a Chriflian title, but on- ly in and from the death ofChrifl. The Word in general' is divided into the Oldand-New Tefiament , both which are the a fame in fubflance, though different in the manner of their difpenfations, as Mofes veild differ'd from himfelfe unveild. Now that Chriff is the fubflance of the whole New refiament, containing theHifforie,Doeirine,and Prophesiesofhim in the adminiffration of the latter ages of the Church, is very manifell to all. The oldScriptures are againe divi- ded into the Law and Prophets (for the hifloricall parts of them doe containe either typical! prefigurations of the Evangelical' Church, or induaions and exemplary demonftrations ofthe general' truth ofGods jutlice and promiies, which are set forth by way of Doarine and Precept in the Law and Prophets.) Now Chril is the finntne ofboth theCe,they waited,upon him in his tranf- figuration ,to note that in him they had their accomplifb- mem. Firff,for the Law, hee is the fubiiance °Fit, hee brought Grace to fulfill the exaaions, and Truth to make good the prefigurationsofthe whole Law. The ceremonial!

TheeJrticles ofDavuis Creed. 1 ceremoniall Law he fulfilled and abolifhed, the mord Law hee fulfilled and efiablifhed; that his obedience thereunto might be the ground afoul: righteoufnefe,and his Spirit and grace therewith might bee theground of our Obedience. And therefore it is called the Law of C1771.114 For theProphets,he is the Surnme ofthem too, for to him they give all vvitneffe. He is the Author of their Prophefies, they fpake byhis Spirit; andhe is the obje61 oftheir Prophefies, they fpake ofthe grace and falvation which was tocome byhim. So that the whole Scriptures are nothing elle but a Teflimonie ofChria, and faith in bin-1,0f that abfolute and univerfall neceffitie which is laid upon all theworld to beleeve in his name. It is not onely neceffitas pracepti,becaufe wee are there- unto commanded, butneceffitas medii too, becaufe he is the onely Ladder betweene earth and heaven, thealone mediator betweene God and man,in him there is a final' andunabolifhable covenant eflablifhed, and there is no name but hisunder heavenbywhich aman can belaved. In confiderationofall which,& forthat I haue formerly difcovered the infafficiency of any either inward, or outward principle ofmans happineffe,fave only the Life ofCbrifl, I have chofen to fpeakevpon this Pfalme, and out ofit to difcover thole wayes, whereby the Lifeof Chrifi is difpenced & adminifired towards his Church. For this Pfalme is one ofthe cleerefi and moll compen- ..dious prophefies of the Perfon and Offices ofChrift in jibe whole OldTeflament, and fo full of fundamentall truth, that I (hall not fhunne to call it SynobolumDavi- dicum, the Prophet DavidsCreed. And indeed there are very few, ifany, ofthe Articles ofthat Creed,which we all generallyprofeffe, which are not either plainely ex- preffed, or by moll evident implication couched in this little modell. Fira, the Dollrine oftheTrinitie is in the firft words; The Lordfaid unto my Lord. There is lehovab theFather, and My Lord, theSonne, and the B 2 fan6lifi- 3 VER S E Ga1.6,z. Act 10.43. Per,rao.n. 10E5.39. x Ioh 3.z3. A61..4.1 2.

\TER S E I. The eArticles ofMaids Creed. fanaification orconfecration ofhim, which was by the Holy ghoThby whofefulneffe he was anointed unto the Offices of King and Priefi, for Co our Saviour himfelfe expounds this word Said,by the realm.%& fanaification ofhim to his office, Ioh.10.34,35,36. Then wee have the Incarnation ofChrifl,in thew9rd, My Lord,together with his dignitieand honor above David (as our Savior himfelfe expounds it, IvIatth.22.41.45.) Mine, that is, mySonneby defcent andgenealogic after the flefb, and yet my Lord too,in regardofahigher fonfbip. We haue alfo the Sufferingsof Chrift,in that he was confecrated a riefl, v.4. to offer up himfelfe once for all, and fo to drinks ofthe brooke in theway. Wee have his Ebtaltios and conquefl over all hisenemies, and fufferings, his re- furrellion,befbafilift up hid head,his Afcenfionand Inter- ceffiontlit thou on my right hand. And in that it comprifed his Dercent intoHell by S.Pautt wayofarguing, Tbat he afcended, what is it but that hee dercendedflrfi into the lowerparts ofthe earth?Eph+9. Wee havea Holy Ca- tbolickChurch, gathered together by the Scepter ofhis Kingdome,and holding in the parts thereofa blefred,and. beautiful! CommunionofSaints,The LordAallfeudforth the Rodof thyfirengthout ofSion; Rulethost in themicift of thineenemies. ThypeopleAxilbe willing in the dayofthy power in the beautiesofholinefe , from the wombeof the morning, thou haft the dewofthy youth. Weehave the laft Judgment, for all his enemies mull bee put under his feete, (which is the Apoffles argument to prove theend ofall things, Cor.15.25.) and there is the day ofhis wrath, wherein he fhall accomplifb that judgment over the heathen,and that vi,fforieover theKings oftheearth, (who take countedand6andie themfelves again#him,) whichhe dothhere in his word beginne. We have the Remtffion off-lune:, comprifed in his Prieflhood, for hee was to offer Sacrificeforthe remiffion offinues, and toput awayfinne 6y the SacrificeofhimfrIfe,Eph. I .7.He.9.26. Wee

The eifnalyfisoftheTfilme. Wee have the Aeffirreaionofthe Bodie, because he mull VE R SE I. foibdiie all his enemies tinder hisfeete, and the141 enemie tobeesubdued is death, as theApofile argues out of this Pfalme , i Cor. 15.25,26. And laffly, wee haue life everlaging , in the everlafting merit and vertue of his. Trielthood, Thou art a Priegfor ever after the orderof Alelchifedek and in hisfitting at the right hand ofGod, whither he is gone as our forerunner, and to prepare a place for us, Heb.6.2o. Ioh. z4.2. and therefore the Apofile from his fitting there, and living ever inferreth the perfeaionand certaintie ofour falvation, Rotr.6.8. Eph.2.6. Cor. i 5. 49. Phil. 3.20,2T. r Theif.4.4. Heb.7,25. 3 Ioh. 340 TheSumme thenofthe whole Pfalme, (without any curious orartificial! Analyfis, wherein every man accor- ding to his owne conceite and method will varie from 'other) is this ; The Ordination ofChrift unto hisKing- dome, together with the dignitie, and vertue thereof; v. I. The Scepter or Ingrument of that Kingly power, v.2. Thefirength amdfscceffeofboth,in recovering,mau- greall the malice ofenemies,a Kingdome ofwillingCub- leas, and thole in multitudes untohimfelfe, v.2,3. The Confecration ofhim untothat everlaflingPriefihood, by the vertue &merit whereofhe purchafedthis Kingdome to himfelfe,v.4. The Conepiell overall his firongefi, and mofl numerous adverfaries, v.5,6. Theproofe of411, and the way ofeffe6ling it, in his fufferings and exaltation. Hee (ball gather a Church, and bee shall confound his enemies,becaufe for that end he hath finithed,& broken through all the fufferings which hee was to drinke of; andbath lifted lip hisheadagain. Vert: 1. The Lordfaiel unto myLord,Sit thou at my right band, twill Imake thineenemies thyfootflook Here the HolyGhoft beginnes with the ICingdomeof Chrift, whichhee defcribeth and magnifieth; By his B 3 maim

6 VER S.E TheOrdinationofChrift ONMOMPY*Yft. itnilionand obfigoation thereunto, The Wordor Decree ofhis Father. TheLord/aid. 2 By the Greatnefe ofhis perfon in himfelfe,and yet necrneffe in bloud and nature unto us. My Lord. 3 By the Glorie,power,and heaven- lineffe ofthis hisKingdome, for in the adrniniaration thereofhe fitteth at the right handofhis Father. Sit thou at my right hand. 4. By the continuance and Viaories thereof. Ontill Intake thyfoes thyfootlioole. The Lordraid. Some read it, certainly or affuredly faid, by reafon ofthe affinity which theoriginal! word hash with Amen ( from which it differs onely in the tranfpofitionofthe fame radical! letters.) Which would afford thisobfervation by the way; That allwhich Gods Tales ofor to his Some isvery faithfssfi & true. For which caufe the Gofpell is by fpeciall Emphafis called, The Wordofrruth, Eph.I a 3 and <ra'c'c 740-, 4 f;sithfmll faying, worthy of a acceptation, I Tim.I.15. Or moll worth), tobe beleevedAnd embraced. (For fo the word ,Pix4 and 2"4e411.,,, being appliedunto the Gofpell,figni- fie, Toh.t.m. loh. 3 . 3. Ael. .ii. Being oppofite unto .ezTeeiZz's xv ho),6,, A61.13.46.) But the principal( thing here to bee noted is, The Decree,appointment,San6hfication,and fealing ofChria unto his Regal! Office. For the Word ofGod in the Scripture fignifies his Bleffing, Power, Pleafure,Ordi- nation. Manliveth not bybreadalonebut by every word which proceeded, out ofthemouth ofGod, Match. 4.4. That is, by that command which thecreatures have re- ceived fromGod tonourifh by, that BenediStion and San&ification which maketh every Creature ofGod good untous, i Tim.4.5. Gods laying is ever doing lomething, his words are operative,and carry an uneti- on and authoritie along with them. Whence we maynote,not ChriftsKingdomebelongs to him notby ttfitrpation,intralion,orviolence,bto byerder, decree,inveflitttrefrom hisFathek. All Kings raigne

unto his I mgclome. raigne byGods providence, but not al wayes by his ap- probation. 'They havefet up Kingsbut not by mee; they have made Princes, andI knew itnot, Amos 8.4. But Chili is a King both by the providence, and by the Good will and immediate Confecration of his Father. He loveth him bathgiven allthings into his hand, /oh. 3.3 5. He judgeth no man, but bath committed all judg- ment to his ,S'onne,/oh. 5. 22. That is, bath engulfed him with the ceconomie and aduall adminifiration of that power in the Church, which originally belonged unto himfelfe. He bath machine to be Lord andCh.rift, 2.36. Hee bath ordainedhim tobee lodge ofquickeand dead, A&.10.42. Heebath appointed him over his owne boure,1-1-eb.3 .2 .6. He bath crownedhim&put all things in fubjeaton under his feete , Heb. 2.7,8. Hee bath highly exalted him, and given him a name above every name, Piii1.2.9. Therefore bee calleth him AdyKing, fet up by him upon his owne .holy hill, and that in the venue of a folemne decree, Pfal.2.6,7. But wee mull here diflinguifh betweene Regnumna- turale,Chrifisnaturall Kingdom which belongeth unto him as Godcoeffentiall, and coeternall with hisFather : andRepum ceconomicum,his Difpenfatory Kingdom,as he is Chrifi the Mediator,which was his,not by Nature, but by Donation and union from his Father, that hee might be the Head ofhis Church,aPrince ofPeace,& a KingofRighteoufneffe unto his people. In which reipe& he had confcrr'd upon himall fuck meete.qualifications as might fit him for the difpenfation ofthis Kingdome. God prepared him a Bodic,or a Humane nature, Heb. 10.5. and by the grace of perfonall and Hypoflatical union caufed the Godhead to dwell Bodily in him,Col. 2.9. 2 He anointed himwith afulnefeofhis Spirit; not fucha fulnetie as JohnBaptif1 and Stephen had, Luk.r . 15. AaI.7.55. which was fill x.p,r;pilrohthe fulnefie ofa meafureor veffel,a fu fie for themfelves only,Eph.4 .7. B 4 H Cor. 7 VER S E I. Yertull. Apolog. ad Scaptilam,cap.c. Dan.7:14. Matchax.27. loh.17.2.

VE RS E I. (brills ordination to ha kingdome. .1..MMIMMI 10 i .3.But a fulneffe without meafure, like the fulneffe oflight in the Sun, or water in the Sea, which hath an unfearchable fufficiency and redundancie for the wholeChurch , . 3 .34. Eph .3 .8. Mal. 4.2. So that as hee was furnilhed with all Spirituall Endow- ments of Wifedome, judgment, power, love, holineffe, for the difpenfation of his owne Office,Efai./ 1.2.61 .T. So from his fulneffe did there runne over a flare and portion of all his graces unto his Church, Ioh. 1.16. Col.2 9. 3 He did by a folemne and publikepromul- gation proclaime the Kingdome of Chrift unto the Church, and declare the decree, in that heavenlyvoice whichcame untohim from the excellent glorie, This is my belovedSon inwhom Iamwedpleafed, heareyeehim, Pfa1.2.7. Matth.3.17. 17.5. 2 Pet./.17. 4HCC hath given himaScepterofRighteoufnefp,&hathput a fword in his mouth and a rodde ofiron in his hand, made him a Preacher and an Apofile, to reveale the fecrets ofhis bofome , and to tetlifie the things which hee hath ken and heard, Heb.1.8. Revel./.16.2.16. Pfal.2.9. Efai. 16.1. Heb. 3./. 'oh. I.18. Ioh. 3. TI, I2. 32,34. 5 Hee bath honouredhimwith many Ambaffadors,and fcrvants to negotiate the affaires ofhis Kingdomedome iipogief, andfome Prophets, andfome Evarigelfis, and rime Pearsand teachers, for thepoletling oftheSaints; for the workeoftheMini/lerie, andfor the Edifyingof is Bodie, z Cor.5.2o. Eph.4./z,12.. 6Hee Mathgiven him theJoules and confciences ofmen even to the utter- moil parts of the earth for his poffeffion, and for the territories ofhis Kingdome, Pfal . 2 . 8. 'ob./7.6. 7Hee bath given him a power concerning the Lawes of his Church. A power tomakeLawes,the LawofFaith, (as S.Paulcals it, Rom.3 .27.) Mark./6. x 5,16. Apower to expound Lawes,as the moreLaw,Matt.5. Apower to abrogate Lawes, as the LawofOrdinances, Col.2. 14.. 8 Hee hath given him a power °nudging and condem-

TheQtylity of ChriftsI angolome. "'" 1. condemning enemies, Ioh.5.27. Luk.I9.27. ly, bee bath given him a power ofremittiNgfinnes and reading pardons, which is a roiall prerogative, Match. 9.6: Ioh. 20.23. And there things belong unto, him as hee is eapopenw, as well Man as God, lob. 5. 27. For the workesofChriffs mediation were oftwo forts. Opera minjterii, workes offervice, and minifierie,for he tooke upon himfelfe the formeof a fervant, andwas a Minifier of theCircumcifion, Phil. 2.8. ROM.75.8. and Opera Potefiatis workes ofAuthoritie and government in the Church. fllpower isgivenwoe me inheavenandearth, Matth.28.28. TheCkialitie of thisKingdome is not Temporal! or Secular , over the natural! lives or civill negotiations of men; Hecame not tobe minifired unto,but tominifler, his Kingdome was not ofthis World, he difclaimed any civill power in the diffributionof lands and poffeffions, hewith-drew himfelfe from the people when by force they would havemade him aKing , and himfelfe,that in this point hee might give none offence , payed tribute unto Cefar, Match. 2o.28. Ioh. 18.36. Luk. 22 .23, 24. Ioh.6. i 5. Matth. 17. 27. But his Kingdome is Spirituall, andheavenly over the foulesofmen, tobinde and loofe the confcience , to remit and retaine finnes , to awe and over-rule the hearts,to captivate the affe(c.lions, tobring into obedience the thoughts,to fubdue and pull downe firong holds, to breake in pieces his enemies with an iron rod, tohew and flay them with the words ofhis mouth , to implant fearfulneffe andaflonifhment in the heartsofhypocrites, and to give peace, fecuritie, proteetion and affurance to his people. The way wherby hee enters upon his Kingdome is ever by wayofConquefi. For though the Soulesofthe Elea arehis, yet hisenemies have the fir!' poffeffion,as COMM was Abrahams byPromifc , but his feeds by Vi&orie. Not but that Chriti proclaimes peace firil,but becaufe VERSE t.

'ERSE becaufe men will not come over nor fubmit to him without warre. The firong manwill not yeeld to bee utterly fpoiled and crucifiedupon termes ofpeace. Hence then wee may firfi learne thegreat Authoritie and Power of this King, who holds his Crowne by immediate tenure from heaven, and was after a more excellent manner than anyother Kings therunto decreed and anointed by God himfelfe. Much then are they to blame who-finde out waya to diminifh the Kingdome ofChriti, and boldly affirine, that though aKing hee could not but bee, yet hee might have been a King without a Kingdome, a King inperfonall right, without filbje6ls or territories to exercife his regall power in; A King onely to punifh enemies, but not aKing to governc or to feed a people. But (ball God give his Sonne the uttermoli parts ofthe earth for his poffeflion, and (ball men withhold it? fhall God give men untoChria (Thine they were & thongaveft them unto me. Ioh. 17.6.) and fhall they detaine themfelves from him?what is it that he gives unto his Sonnebut the follies, the hearts, the very thoughts ofmen to beemade obedient unto his Scepter? 2 Cor.t 0.5. and fhall it then bee within the cornpaffe of humane power to effeel, as it is in their pride to maintaine,fleri poleat millafit &claim ? We know one principal! part ofthe Kingdome and power ofChrifl is to cal} downe imaginations, and every high thing that exalceth it felleagainfl theknovvledgc ofGod, and that not onely unto conviaion, but unto obedience, as the Apofile fhewes : to fend fuch gifts of the Spirit unto men as fhould benefit the very Rebellious, that God might d well amongti them, Pfal.68.18. for in as much as Chriti came to defiroy theworkes ofthe devill, that U, flume (as the Apofile (hewes, i Ioh. 3.8. Ioh.8.41. 14.) and in their place to bring in the worke of God., which isfaithio him (for fo that grace is frequently Ili- led, 1011.6.29. Phil.1.29. C01.2.I 2.) Therfbre it isre- quifite ... lo 1The Quality of sKininn'je.

00 compels not Mans Will. j f if leweroamemorawowatmonow. quifite that noneof Satans infiruments , and confede rates, fuch as the hearts ofnatural! menare, fhould be to firong for the graceofChrifi. But what then, doth Chrifi Compel' men againft their wills tobecome Ethic&unto him? No, inno wife. He bathordered to bring them in by a wayofvolunta- rineffe and obedience. Andherein is thewifedome ofhis power teen that his grace (hail mightily produce thofe effects in men, which their hearts {hall moll obediently and willingly confent unto ; that bee is able to ufe the proper and genuine motions of fecond caufs to the producing ofhis owne moil holy, wife, and merciful! purpoks. As wee fee humane wifedome can fo order, moderate, and Make ufe of naturall motions, 'that by themartificiall effeasfball be produced;as in a clock the naturall motion ofthe weight or plummet cauCeth the artificiall difiribution ofhoures, and minutes; and in a mill the natural! motion of the winde or water,caufeth an artificiall effe in grinding the come: How much more then (hall the wifedome ofAlmip,ihty God,whofe weakneffe is tironger, and whole foolifbneffe is wif-er than men, be able In to ufe, incline and order the veils of men,without defiroying either them or their liberty, as that thereby theKingdome of his Sonne (ball be let up amongfl them? fo that though there be (Ulanhabitual!, radical!, fundamental! indetermination and indifferencie unto feverall wages (unto none ofwhich there can bee a Compulfion ) yet by the jean, inefable, and moll Meet, operationof theSpirit ofgrace,opening the eyes, convincing the judgment, perfwading the affe6iions, enclining the heart, giving an underlianding, quick- ning and knocking the confcience,a man (hall be fwayed unto the Obedience ofCbrift, and fhall come unto him fo certainely as ifhe wereDrtswen2and yet fo freelyas if he were left unto hirnfelfe. For in the callingofmenby the word there is 3. Trabere,anda Venire. The Father draw- etb, VERSE I. nefcio quo moandicatur .p,ftraDets vos velimus: fienirn Deus miferetur edam volarnio; Ad eandern Tapp e miferi- earedampertinet ut velimks. . /Mg. Torn.4. AdSimplivand. Lib I. qu.z. Flgtonanipotens incordibu6 ha- mints:incairn motum 11 chanta_ tiseoriim, toper cos agat,q4od per es agere iple value& . Id: de Grat. & Art), 6%24. Cor 4.6. Eph. r .17,18. Aeta4.1 8. 11011.2..2.7. Io13.1 6.8. Gen.9.2.7. Ada6.14. ler.3F.18.33. 36.2,6,27. I 10h.5.20. PfaL119.34.36

12, SubjeEliondue untoChri RSE T. Nolite cogi! arc invitam trabitur animal amore. Aug. Irae.z5, in loban. ka.3.16. cikNilhgt 0114 ti? sicwaNzsact ra,uocti,cer4 sir a9cay. 01ar tyr.Apol.t. Ofculum path. orationisAna- culum, qu2 °ratio cum di- vortio Sanai ofcultintegra, d.t.Terttel4de °rat, eth , and the man commeth, Ioh.6.44. That notes the' efficacieofgrace,and this the fvveetneffe of grace. Grace worketh firongly, and thereforeGod is flid To (Draw, and it worketh fweetly too,and therefore man is Paid to Come. Againe, from hencewee frame our Dutie unto this King, the honor and fubje6lion which is due unto him. The Fathercommitteth all lodgment totheSome, that is, bath anointed him with the office, and abilities ofa King (forjudgment flands for the whole duty ofa King. Pfal.7 2. I. and is therefore frequently attributed unto the Meffiits, Efai.42. t.4. Ier.23.5. Ier.33.15.) And from thence our Saviour infirm that all men Amid honour the Sonne even as they honour the ther, loh.t. 22,23. with the fame worfhip, reverence & fubje&ion. For Godbath highly exaltedhim,andgivenhim a name above every name, That at the name of lifts, that is, unto that holy thing, unto the power and Scepter of that divine Perfon, which is unto us focomfortablyma- oilefied in a nameoffalvation,Everykneelhouldbow,&e. Phil. 2.9,10. This Dutie the Pfalmiff expreffeth by killing the Sonne. Which denoteth unto us 3 things : I Love. For a kifie is a fyrnbole and exprellionoflove, and therefore ufed by the primitive Chriflians in their Foils ofLove, and after prayer unto God, and often- times enjoynedby S.Patil as anExpreffion ofChriflian Love. Infomuch that it was a proverbiall fpeech amongil the Heathen,fee how thefe Chriffians doe love one another. And this is a Dutie which theApolile re- quires, under paineofthe extremet+ curie that can light upon a man, to Love the Lord Iefus Chriff, i Cor.16. 22. Eph .6.24. And ifany manfaithour Savior,Loveth Father or mother more thanme, he is not worthy ofme, or Sonne or Daughter more thanme,hee is not worthyofme, Matth .10.37. That is, het is utterly unqualified for the benefit ofmy mediation. For bee that bath good byme cannot s-

Honourandlubjediondue loan ei../ =1. cannot choofe but love me, Luk.7.4.7. 2 To kiffe in the Scripture phrafe noteth Worths') and Service. Let the me,, that Sacrificekife the Calves, Hof. 13.2. Iob 3T. 26,17. And thus wee finde the foure beafis, and the foure and twentie Elders, and every Creature in heaven and on earth, and under the earth, worshipping the Lambe, and afcribingbleffing,honor,glorie,andpower untohim, Revel.5.8. 14. 3 To kiffe is an expreffion of Lola/tie and Obedience , thus Samuel kiffed Said when hee had anointed himKing over Iliad, i Sam. zo.I. And therefore the * Septuagint, and Hierom, and from them our Tranflators, render the wordwhich fig- nifieth tokiffe,by being obedient or ruled by the words ofIefepb,Gen.4.t.40. And this likewife is a dutie which wee owe untoatria to beobedient to him,to bee ruled byhis tnouth,and by the Scepterofhis mouth,that is,by his word, with is therefore called the Law of Chrift, becaufe it hath a binding power in it. Wee are com- manded from heaven to heare him,MatL..' 7.5. And that too under paine ofa curie, every foule which will hot heare that Prophet, thanbe deflroyed from among the people, Aa.3.23. Wee thould learne therefore to take hisCommandsas fromGodfor he fpeakethhisFathers words , and in his name , Dent. 18.19. Toh.3. 34. When Ahaluertu 'Commanded Haman to put on the Crowne upon Mordecai, hee ?recently executed the Kings pleafure, and honoredhisgreatefi enemie,becaufe the King required it : NowGod bath made Chrifi our King, and bath crowned himwith honor and Majeftie (as the Apoffle fpeakes) and requires ofus to kiffe this his Sonne, and to bow unto his name; and therefore bee wee what wee will, Princes, or ludges, or great men of the world, (who rejoyce in nothing more than in the name of vvifedome) this is our Wifedome, and dutie, Mb. i o,12. It is tooordinary with great men to bee regardleffe ofGod and of his wales. Yet wee fee the wrath 13 YE S E r. difeelatrove etelefitia ads an- di adfolicerflan labia vibratis. Tertull. Apolog. . 4'11;46. C.ecilizto finuilacro Sera- pidis denotato, ut vulgrtsfuper- ftitiofiesfolet, mourn oriad. m7vens,ofccelum labiis pre//it. Minut. F ellx,in 0elavichin rando dextram adofeu lam re- rimus. P lib. z8. cap.z. TOFGOEXel - Tot, 4 ;;At or. x oi'frop 267ege xr;cresOes, &c. Lucian. de Saltation. Ad tuierisim- PeY ium ,curiet Its pop ulti4 obediet.

14 VE R S E 1. Subjection dueunto an . wrathof God in his creatures, fire, tempell, pc:Hence, fword, ficknefle,makesno ditlinaion between them and others, howmuch leffe will God hirnfelfe make, when all crownes, andfcepters, and dignities fhall be refigned to him, and all men (hall (land in an equall diffance and condition before the tribunall ofChrifiwhenno titlesof honor,no eminencie offiation,no treafures ofwealth,no firength of dependencies, no retinue& traine offervants will accompany a man into theprefenceofthe Lamb,or {land betweene him and the judgment ofthat great day. Wee know hee was a King that feared the prefenceofa perfecuted Prophet, and hee was a Prince that trembled at the preaching ofan Apofile in chaines. The word of God cannot bee bound, nor limited, it is the Scepter which his Father. hath given him , and wee cannot without op6 contefiation againii God refill his govern- ment therein over us. Fleethat delpifethyou deplithme, andhe that defpileth me, defpilith him thatfent me, faith our Saviour. It is Chrifi bitnfelfewhole Ambaffadors wee are, and with whom men have todoe in our mini- . flak. And hee will have it fo : Firfl, For our Peace: If God fhould fpeake againeby -the Minifierie ofAngels, in thunder,and fire (as he did onmount Sina) we would quickly callfor Moles &Miniflers againe, Exod .2o. 19. Secondly, For his mimeglorie, that the Excellencie may be ofGod and not ofmen, 2 Cor.4.7. That it maynot be in him that planteth,nor in him that watereth,but in God which giveth the blefling,and increafe, t Cor.3.7. That it may not bee in him which willeth , nor in him which runneth,but inGod which fheweth mercy,Rom. 9.16. That the fervice , cooperation, and helpe ofthe Churches joy might bee ours, but the Dominion over mens faith,and the teachingof their inner man might be Chriffs, 2 Cor.T .24. Eph.4.20,21. Very bold there- fore anddefperate is the contumacieof thole men who hand at defiance with the power of Chrifl fpeaking in his

Thenece of ` Subjedion. 15 Olaso... hisfervants. The Apoale faith,there is no efcape left for thofe who negle61 fo great falvation, Heb.2.3. And yet this is the conflant follyand ciy ofnaturall men, Wewill not have this min toraigne over us. Let us breake their bandsslander, andcall away their cordsfrom us. But Firft, Every man mull be fubje6I to foamKing, either Chrill or finne (for they two divide the world, and their Kingdomes will not confia.) And the fubje&s dime are all {laves and fervants, no liberty anionga them, Ioh.8.34. Whereas Chrift makes all his fubjeas Kings,like hirnfelfe, Revel..t .6. and his is a Kingdome of Righteoufheffe, peace, and joy,Rom. 4.17.Secondly, Ifmen by being the fubjeals of Lune could keepe quite out from the judgment andScepter ofChria, it were fomething : but all men mutt one way or other be fub- dued unto him, either as fonnes or ascaptives, either under-his grace, or under his wrath. .As Ilivefaith the Lordevery kneeThrall bow tomet, Rom. 4..10,1 t. Hee mull beeeither a favor of life or ofdeath, either for the rifingor the fall ofmany in Iliad, either for afantuary or for a (fumbling block; All mull either bee faved by him, or judged by him. There is no re fuge,nor fhelter of efcape in any Angle of the World, for his Kingdome reacheth to the uttermoft corners ofthe earth, andwill finde out, and fetch in all his enemies. Thirdly, the matter were not great, ifaman could hold out in the op- polition. But can thine heart endure,or thine hands bee arong,faith the Lord ,in the day that I (hall deale with thee? Ezek.2 2 . 14. What will yee doe in the defolacion which (hall come from farre?when you are fpoiledwhat will yee doe ? where will you leave your glory ? what will become of the King, whom you ferved before ? It may bee thy moray is thine idol, acrd thouart held in thraldorne under thine owne polfeilions. But what will remaine ofamans Liver andgold tocarry him through the wrath to come, but onely the ruft thereof to joyne in VERSE I. Eris ftibpedibu6 eta' adopratia ant vsaus; lo- CUM habebis vet gratier yelp e, "lug. EfalT 0 3. Iere.4,30.

t6 VERSE I. TheOrdinattonofarill in judgment againa him? It may bee thou fay& the times,and fafhions of the world,rejoyceth in thyyouth, in the wayes ofthy heart,and in the flight ofthineeyes: But thou Irma not rife out of thy grave in thy bell cloatbs,nor appearebefore Chrifl like Agag gorgeoufly apparelled. Thou mull not rile to play, but to bejud- ged. It may bee thou ferveft thine owne lull, and ano- thers beautie; but what pleafure wilt therebe in the fire of Ina when it fhall bee turned into the fire ofHell ? or what beautywill thou finde on'the left handofChrifl, where the charaaers of every mans hellifhconkience fhall bee written inhis face? Thou fervefl thine ownc vainglorie and affe&ations;but whatgoodwill it bee to beeadmired by thy fellow prifoners,and condemned by thy /udge? In one word, thou fervell any ofthine owne evill defines; foolifh man, here theycommand thee, and there-they will condemne the, they are here thy Gods, and they will bee there thy divils. The Secondparticular in the defcription of Chrifls Kingdotne is the greatneffe, and neerneffe of his perfon untopavtd. /74y Lord.Davidrallgth himmy Lord upon a double reafon, by a Spirit ofProphrlie,as forefeeinghis incarnation and nativitie out of the tribe of/oda, and flockof/ep and fohee was DavidsSonne : and by a Spirit ofFaitas beleeving him to be his redeemer, and falvation : and fo hee was David( Lord. Avirgin hull conceive and beam a Sonne, there we fee his incarnation and defcent fromDavid; and call his name bloom- noel, God with is, there wee fee his Dominion over David. As man fohe was his Sonne,and as Mediator fo he was his Lord. As Man fo he was fubjeaunto Mary his Mother; and as Mediator fo hee was the Lord and Savior ofhis Mother, Luk.z.p. Luk.i.46,47. As Man bee was made for a little while lower than the Angels, that hee might fuffer death, but asMediator, God and Man in one perfonlo he was made much better than the Angels,