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Themickedsfallabeautifidthing. any thing toohardfor meerBlefedis the man that trulleth in the Lord, andwhole hope the Lord is. Hee/hall beeat a treeplanted by the waters, which /hall not beecarefullin the'leersofdrought. When thepooreandneedyfeekewater andthere is none, an2their tonguefailethfor thirft I the Lordwill heare them , I thegodof Ifrael willnot f;rfake them. Though thefig-treelhallnot bloffome, neitherfhall fruite beein the vines, the labor oftheolivefhallfaile, and thefeld lhallyeeldno :mate, theflocklhallbee cut offfrom thefould , and there (hallbee no heard in theflah : yet I I willrejoice in theLord , Iwill joy in the Godofmyfalva- i tion. Hee is able todoe abundantly aboveall that wee I canask or thinke. Godwouldnever fo frequentlycarry men to the dependance upon his power , if theywere not apt inextremities to judgeofGodby themfelves,and to furpe61 hispower. Secondly, as this Putting of Chrifis enemies like a Poole under his feete noteth Eafinoff e , Co alfo it noteth Orderor Beauty too. When Chrifis enemies ft-mil bee under his foote, then there !hall bee a right Order in things, then it (hall indeed appeare that God is a Godof Order,and therefore the daywherin that(hall bee done, is called the rimeofthe Refiltution °fail things, 4E1.3. 21. The puttingofChrifls enemies under his feete is an All ofInflice, andofallother,Iuffice is the molt orderly vertue , that which keepeth beauty upon the face ora people, as confriling it felfe in a fymmetrie, and propor- tion. Againe, every thingout ofits owneplace is out of order, but when things areall in their proper places and due proportions, then there refults abeauty and come- lineffefrom them. Inagreat houfc there are manyvef- fels, Come ofwood andbrafl'e, othersofgoldand Liver. fome for honorable, others for bare and fordid ufes ; NowWall thefe were confufedly together in one roome a man would conclude that things were out oforcler, but when theplate is inoneplace:thebraffe and wood in I another, 113 VERSE 1. Ier.32.27. Gen.18.14. rem7.7,g. Efai 4t.17,18. Hab.3.17-19. 14Amor tOpt- pop ,1) In?, 'A "cid't war arapct- TVA/ dun,. cithz.