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122 lirmwo.vaernaMoomp VERSE r. Efay Zech.3.8. Exot1.33. Zyod inpropn... dammarls abji- citur penitus non extat.Theo doret, io3.1 z. Bray 43. Z. Eray4442. Ma1.3.4. Erayals.. Chrills enemies his ootAole. ..... ...010M90 amo IN/Orme dcliverance.Though Motes have not Chariots nor mul- titudesofweapons, yet he batha 7W, a Branch, an An- ell ofGodsprefence, which can open the Sea, andgive an iffue to the greatefl dangers,which can tunic the ene. mies rage into his owne mine. There is no enemie fo dole, fo dangerous, fo unavoidable as our owne Now the Lordpromifeth to dealewith the finnesof his people, as he did with the !Egyptians; weeknow their tyrannybc fubdued with many plagues,their firfl-born, thethength and flower of the Land, he flewbefore,and - thofe who afterwards joyned themfelves againti hi5 people, he drowned in thebottomeof the Sea; fo faith the Prophet, Hewillfabdrseouriniquities, he will purge themaway, the power and flrengthof them he will a- bate byhis Spirit ; andas for thofe remainders thereof; whichare yet beh1nde, and rebell againfl hisgrace, het will call allofthem into thedepths ofthe Sea, that is, bee will remove them utterly away from us, he will drown them in everlafling forgetfulneffe, he will not only blot them out that theymay not be, but he will not remem- ber them neither, which is in fome fort to make them even not to have beene. And,which yet makes the affu- rance of allthis the ftronger,the groundofit all is onely inGod himfelfe,his Covenant and Mercy.Now though our condition alters,yet his mercy is fill the fame : Ifthe root ofthe Covenant werein us, then as we change, that alfowould vary too,but the root is inGodsowne grace, whole mercy is therefore without repentance in him- felfe, becaufe it is withoutreafon, or merit in us. Now laity, this Feet.fleele under Chrifis feet, in re. Bard ofhisenemies, noteth untous foure things : The extremeAsse4ndeonfrefloa which they (hall ever. laflingly luffer, the utter abatingand bringing downe ofall that exalteth it fel& againfi Chrif. In vi6ories arnongit men, thepart conquered goes many timesoff upon fame-honourable tames ; at the very wort}when they