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ThePoreer oftheWell. f I 49 delutons whichhe had fram'd to deceive himfelfe with- all; who can deny but that the rodof Gods mouth is indeed Virga virtutis, 4 rod oflirength, an iron rod,able to dealewith all humane reafbnings, as a hammer with a potfherd, which though to the handofa man it may fide as hardas a rocke, yet is too brittle to endure the blowofan iron rod ? Strange itis toobfervehow bold- lymen venture on finnes under the namesof culiome, or fathions, or fomeother pretences ofcorrupted reafon, contrary to the deere and literal evidence of holy Scrip- tures c" the aloft immediate and grammatical' fenfe whereof, is ever founde(1, where there doth not conic apparant and unavoidable errour in do6rine, or mif- chiefe in manners, follow thereupon.) Men will jufiifie the caufe of the wicked for reward, and by dexterity of wit put abetter colour upon a worfer bufineffe,(as hat h Beene obferved of Protogordi and Carneades ) and yet the Lord faith expreffely, Thou (halt notffreakein a cassfe to well judgement, than fh,11t keepe theefarfrom a idle matter, for God (whom thou oughte(l to imitate) will not juaifie the wicked. Men will follow the finfull fa- fhions of the world, in (lunge apparell, in prodigious haire, in Wilful' andunprofitableexpence of that preti- ous moment oftime, upon the abufe or right improve- ment whereofdependeth thefeverall iffuesoftheir eter- i nail condition : though the Lord fay exprefly, Bee not conformed to this world; they that walke according to thecoterieofthe world, wake, according to the 'Prince of thepower ofthewire. The Lord willptentlhallfach ad are clothedwithflrangeapparell, who take up the fathions of idolaters, or other nations, or other fexes ( as that place is differentlyexpounded) a Nature it felfe teacheth that it is a fhame for a man to weare long haire ; nayNature it felfe taught that honefi Heathen to band at defiance with the finnes of_his. age, and not comply with the court of theworld, upon ;hat flight apologie, as ifthe L 3 commonneffi VERSE 2. ICr. itipin.part.r. qu.i. arta°.ad prmum. alphonf.a Ca- flro contra liee- reflib.r.cap,3. GlafflPhilolog. Sacra. pag.338. Hooker lib.;. T1, ;As h0291, %VI** nay, A. Gell. Efay5.23. EX0123 7. Romaz.z. Ephef.z.z. zeph.1.8, Hieron. Tbeodoret. Ribera. a i Col., 1.14.