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15+ Theover ofthegoji-ell I \tERSE 2. Luk.4.z8. Luk.6.rx. Aa.5.17. Aft. r ;.45. Ioh.8.59. Aa,7.57,58. feri. Ilmlmosiloo, leeve a firength in it which I did not fee : fo when I fee the Word of Chrifl rouze up the rage and kith ofmen, 4nci force them to fet up againfi it (hong holds,and high imaginations, even the wifedome and firength of the gates ofhell to keepe it out, I mull needs then conclude that it is indeed Virgdvirttais, 4 Rod offirength. The moil calmeand devouthypocrites in theworldhave by thepower of this wordbeene put out of their demure temper, and mightily tranfported with outrage and hit- terneife againfi the majefiy thereof. One time filled with wrath; another time filled with madneffe; ano- ther time filledwith envie and indignation, another time filled with contradiaion and blafphemie ; ane.:her time cut to the heart, and like reprobates in hell, gnafhing with their teeth. Such a fearching power, and fuch an extreme contrariety there is in the Gofpell to the lullsof men, that ifit doe not fubdue, it will wonderfully (well them up, till it difiemper even the grave,prudent men of theworld with thofe brutifh and uncomely affeaions ofrage and fury, and drive difputers from their argu- mentsunto (bonds. Sin cannot endure to be difquieted, much leffe to be (hut in and encompafled with thecuries ofGods word. Therefore as a hunted beall,inanextre- mity °edifice&will turne backe, and put to its utmoff firength to be revengedon the purfuers, and to fave its life : fo wicked men to lave their lulls will let out all their rage, and open all their fluces of pride and malice to vvithiland that holy truth which cloth fo clofely put- fuethem. Thus as beggarly mafiers deale with their fervants, or bankrupts with their creditors, when they ibould pay them their monie (which they are unable to doe) they then picke quarrels, and create pretences to with-hold it ; or as froward men in faits oflaw, when their mirefailes, endeavour topiece it out with rage and paffion;fo doewicked men Beale withGod inhis word, when they fhould pay him chat fervice which he there- in