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TheQtylity of ChriftsI angolome. "'" 1. condemning enemies, Ioh.5.27. Luk.I9.27. ly, bee bath given him a power ofremittiNgfinnes and reading pardons, which is a roiall prerogative, Match. 9.6: Ioh. 20.23. And there things belong unto, him as hee is eapopenw, as well Man as God, lob. 5. 27. For the workesofChriffs mediation were oftwo forts. Opera minjterii, workes offervice, and minifierie,for he tooke upon himfelfe the formeof a fervant, andwas a Minifier of theCircumcifion, Phil. 2.8. ROM.75.8. and Opera Potefiatis workes ofAuthoritie and government in the Church. fllpower isgivenwoe me inheavenandearth, Matth.28.28. TheCkialitie of thisKingdome is not Temporal! or Secular , over the natural! lives or civill negotiations of men; Hecame not tobe minifired unto,but tominifler, his Kingdome was not ofthis World, he difclaimed any civill power in the diffributionof lands and poffeffions, hewith-drew himfelfe from the people when by force they would havemade him aKing , and himfelfe,that in this point hee might give none offence , payed tribute unto Cefar, Match. 2o.28. Ioh. 18.36. Luk. 22 .23, 24. Ioh.6. i 5. Matth. 17. 27. But his Kingdome is Spirituall, andheavenly over the foulesofmen, tobinde and loofe the confcience , to remit and retaine finnes , to awe and over-rule the hearts,to captivate the affe(c.lions, tobring into obedience the thoughts,to fubdue and pull downe firong holds, to breake in pieces his enemies with an iron rod, tohew and flay them with the words ofhis mouth , to implant fearfulneffe andaflonifhment in the heartsofhypocrites, and to give peace, fecuritie, proteetion and affurance to his people. The way wherby hee enters upon his Kingdome is ever by wayofConquefi. For though the Soulesofthe Elea arehis, yet hisenemies have the fir!' poffeffion,as COMM was Abrahams byPromifc , but his feeds by Vi&orie. Not but that Chriti proclaimes peace firil,but becaufe VERSE t.