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Honourandlubjediondue loan ei../ =1. cannot choofe but love me, Luk.7.4.7. 2 To kiffe in the Scripture phrafe noteth Worths') and Service. Let the me,, that Sacrificekife the Calves, Hof. 13.2. Iob 3T. 26,17. And thus wee finde the foure beafis, and the foure and twentie Elders, and every Creature in heaven and on earth, and under the earth, worshipping the Lambe, and afcribingbleffing,honor,glorie,andpower untohim, Revel.5.8. 14. 3 To kiffe is an expreffion of Lola/tie and Obedience , thus Samuel kiffed Said when hee had anointed himKing over Iliad, i Sam. zo.I. And therefore the * Septuagint, and Hierom, and from them our Tranflators, render the wordwhich fig- nifieth tokiffe,by being obedient or ruled by the words ofIefepb,Gen.4.t.40. And this likewife is a dutie which wee owe untoatria to beobedient to him,to bee ruled byhis tnouth,and by the Scepterofhis mouth,that is,by his word, with is therefore called the Law of Chrift, becaufe it hath a binding power in it. Wee are com- manded from heaven to heare him,MatL..' 7.5. And that too under paine ofa curie, every foule which will hot heare that Prophet, thanbe deflroyed from among the people, Aa.3.23. Wee thould learne therefore to take hisCommandsas fromGodfor he fpeakethhisFathers words , and in his name , Dent. 18.19. Toh.3. 34. When Ahaluertu 'Commanded Haman to put on the Crowne upon Mordecai, hee ?recently executed the Kings pleafure, and honoredhisgreatefi enemie,becaufe the King required it : NowGod bath made Chrifi our King, and bath crowned himwith honor and Majeftie (as the Apoffle fpeakes) and requires ofus to kiffe this his Sonne, and to bow unto his name; and therefore bee wee what wee will, Princes, or ludges, or great men of the world, (who rejoyce in nothing more than in the name of vvifedome) this is our Wifedome, and dutie, Mb. i o,12. It is tooordinary with great men to bee regardleffe ofGod and of his wales. Yet wee fee the wrath 13 YE S E r. difeelatrove etelefitia ads an- di adfolicerflan labia vibratis. Tertull. Apolog. . 4'11;46. C.ecilizto finuilacro Sera- pidis denotato, ut vulgrtsfuper- ftitiofiesfolet, mourn oriad. m7vens,ofccelum labiis pre//it. Minut. F ellx,in 0elavichin rando dextram adofeu lam re- rimus. P lib. z8. cap.z. TOFGOEXel - Tot, 4 ;;At or. x oi'frop 267ege xr;cresOes, &c. Lucian. de Saltation. Ad tuierisim- PeY ium ,curiet Its pop ulti4 obediet.