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Confummation ofarifis Offices. 1 29 comes to that holinefre which it hath inhim. We fhould ,V ER S E 1. therefore labour to walke as becommeth thole that have fo gloriousa head, towalke worthyoffuch a Lord unto all well pleafing, in fruitfulneffe andknowledge;to walkeas thole that have receivedChrifi, and expel his appearing againe, Phd.1.27. Co/. I .to.,5. Secondly, the fitting of Chria on the right handof God notesunto us. the Confummationofall thole Offices which hee was to performe here on theearth for our re- demption. For till theywere all finifhed hee was not to returne to his glorie againe. Hee that bath entredinto his ref bathceafedfrom his owne workes, faith the Apofile, Heb4.1o. fir(} he was toexecute his Office before hee was to enter intohis refl. Though he were a Sonne,and fo lure Naturali the inheritance were his owne before, yet he was to learne Obedience bythe things which hee was to fuffer before hee was made perfea againe, Heb. 5.8,9. After beehad off4.edone Sacrifice forfinnetfor ever,that is,after he had made filch a compleat expiation asfhould never needbee repeated,but was able for ever toperfea thole that are fanolified, bee then fate downe on the right handof God, expeailg till his enemies bee madehis thotfloole, Het, .to.12,13,14. This is the ar- gument our Savior ufeth when bee prayeth to beglori- fied againe with his Father; Ihaveglorifiedtbeeon earth, or revealed the glorie of thy truth and mercy to thy Church, 1 havefinithed the work.e which thou gavel? mee to doe, and now4Fatherglortfie thoumewith thine owne feIfe, &c. loh.17.4,5. Heebumbled bimfelfe, faith the Apofile, andbecame obedient to death, even the death of thecroffe, wherefore God hath highly exalted him, &c. Phil. 2.8,9. Noting unto us the Order ofthe Difpenfa tionofChrifls Offices, fome were workes of Minifirie and fervice in the Office ofObedience and fuffering for his Church: Others were workes ofpower and Majeflie in the prottelion and exaltation of his. Church, and thole