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The Spiritfipp lies ChrOs abfence. money , that which was plentie two or three hundred years fince, is but penurie now. Secondly, ina greater meafure offirength for Spirituall obedience. Theywho before fled from the companyofChria in his fufferings, did after rejoyce to be countedworthy offuffring fhaine for hisname, or as the elegancie of the original' words import, to be dignified with that &Amor ofChrinians, Aa.5.41. For fuffering ofperfecution for Chrifi, and the triall offaith by diverfe temptations is in the Scrip_ tures reckoned up among{) the gifts, and hundred fold compenfationsofGod to hispeople,Mark 10.30. Phi/. .29. Ebb,/ r .z6. /ano.t .1. I Pet. 1 .6,7. No man, faith our Saviour, putteth newwine into old bottler, that is, ex- meth rigidand heavieCervices ofweake and unqualified Difciples, and thereforemy Difciplesfaanot while I am amonga them in the flefh: But thedayes will come when be taken from them in body, and (hall fend them my holySpirit to ftrengthen and prepare them for hard fervice,and then they (hall fail,and performe thofe parts ofmoredifficult obedience untome,Matth.9.15,1 7. Now farther touching this fendingoftheHolySpirit (which together with Chrifis intercellion wasoneofthe principal' ends ofhis afcending up unto the right hand ofpower) it may be here demanded, why the Holy Spirit was not before this exaltation of Chrifi fent forth in fuch abundance upon the Church ? The main reafon vvherof, next unto the purpofe anddecree ofGod into whichall the a6tsofhis wil are to be refolv'd,eph.t isgiven by our Savior,bh.i 4.16. lob. 67. Becaufe he was to fupply the corporal' abfence ofChrifi, and to be another comforter to the Church.01which Office ofthe Spirit, (becaufe it wasoneof themainends ofhis mif- lion, andthat one ofthe chiefe workes ofChritis fitting at Gods right hand) I (hall here, without ally unprofi- table, or impertinent digreffion, fpeake a little. Firft, then the Spirit isa cemforter,becaufe an Advo- cate 4-3 VERSE I. 11/1/..1Or/sw