Reynolds - BX5133.R42 S4 1831

118 THIRD SERMON as a head and second Adam, he never did any thing, but his mystical body and seed were so taken into the fellowship of it, as to be made conformable unto it. Therefore, if he rose as a Saviour to justify us, we must as members be therein fashioned unto him, and rise spiritually by heavenly - mindedness, and a new life to glorify him. 2. We must have our affections in heaven, because Christ is there. The heart ever turns towards its treasure ; where the body is, thither will the eagles resort. 3. He is there in glory at God's right hand, and grace shall move to glory as a piece of earth to the whole. And he is there on our business, making intercession in our behalf, providing a place for us, sending down gifts unto us. And the client cannot but have his heart on his business, when the advocate is actually stirring about it. 4. We are dead with Christ, as to the life of sin. And a dead man takes no thought nor care for the things of that life from whence he is departed. A man naturally dead looks not after food, or raiment, or land, or money, or labour, &c. And a man dead to sin, takes no more care how to provide for it. 5. In Christ we have a new life, therefore we should have new inclina- tions suitable unto it, and new provisions laid in for it. A natural man feeds on worldly things by sense, a spiritual man feeds on heavenly things by faith and conscience. We can have nothing from the first Adam which is not mortal and mortiferous.* Nothing from the second which is not vital and eternal. Whatever the one gives us shrinks and withers unto death ; whatever the other, springs and proceeds unto immortal life. Our life therefore being new, the affections that serve it, and wait upon it, must be new likewise, 6. This life is our own, * Tending to death,