Reynolds - BX5133.R42 S4 1831

ON HOSEA XIV.- VERSES 2, 3. 119 not so any thing in the world besides. I can purchase in the world only to me and mine heirs for ever. But spiritual purchases are to myself for ever. And every man's affections are naturally most fixed upon that which is most his own. 7. It is a hidden life, the best of it is yet unseen, 1 John iii. 2. and though the cabinet which is seen be rich, yet the jewel which is hidden in it is much richer. As there is a sinful curiosity in lust, to look after the hidden things of iniquity, and to hanker after forbidden pleasures ; so there is a spiritual curiosity or ambition in grace, to aspire towards hidden treasures, to press forward to- wards things that are before us, to be clothed upon with our house that is from heaven. AsAbsalom, being brought from banishment, longed to see the face of his father ; so the soul, being delivered out of darkness, never thinks it sees enough of light. When God did most intimately reveal himself unto Moses, Moses did most earnestly beseech him to show him his glory, Exod. xxxiii. 11. 18. The more sweetness we find in the first fruits, in so much of Christ as is revealed to us, the more strong are our affections to the whole harvest, to that abundance of him which is hidden from us. A few clusters of grapes and bunches of figs will inflame the desire of enjoying that Canaan which abounds with them. 8. It is hidden with Christ, so hidden as that we know where it is. Hidden so that the enemy cannot reach it, but not hidden from the faith of the child. 9. It is hidden in God. It is life in the fountain, Psa. xxxvi. 9. and every thing is most perfect in its original and foun- tain. And this is such a fountain of life as hath in it fulness without satiety, and purity without defilement, and perpetuity without decay, and all-sufficiencywith- out defect. Lastly, it is but hidden, it is not lost,