Reynolds - BX5133.R42 S4 1831

SERMON V. I WILL BE AS THE DEW UNTO ISRAEL : HE SHALL GROW AS THE LILY, AND CAST FORTH HIS ROOTS AS LEBANON. HIS BRANCHES SHALL SPREAD, AND HIS BEAUTY SHALL BE AS THE OLIVE TREE, AND HIS SMELL AS LEBANON. THEY THAT DWELL UNDER HIS SHADOW SHALL RETURN; THEY SHALL REVIVE AS THE CORN, AND GROW AS THE VINE : THE SCENT THEREOF SHALL BE AS THE WINE OF LEBANON: HOSEA XIV. 5 -7. IN these verses is contained God's answer unto the second part of Israel's petition, wherein they desired him to do them good, or to receive them graciously ; and here God promiseth them several singular bless- ings, set forth by several metaphors and similitudes, all answering to the name of Ephraim, and the an- cient promises made unto him, Deut. xxxiii. 13 -17. opposite to the many contrary courses threatened in the former parts of the prophecy under metaphors of a contrary import. Here is the dew of grace, con- trary to the morning cloud and the early dew that passeth away, Hos. xiii. 3. lilies, olives, vines, spices, contrary to judgments of nettles, thorns, thistles, chap. ix. 6. x. 8. spreading roots, contrary unto dry roots, chap. ix. 16. a fruitful vine bringing forth ex- cellent wine, contrary to an empty vine bringing fruit only to itself, that is, so sour and unsavoury, as is not worth the gathering, chap. x. 1. corn growing, instead of corn taken quite away, chap. ii. 9. instead of no stalk, no bud, no meal, chap. viii. 7. fruit promised P3