Reynolds - BX5133.R42 S4 1831

174 FIFTH SERMON instead of no fruit threatened, chap. ix. 16. wine pro- mised in opposition to the failing of wine, chap. ix. 2. ii. 9. Sweet wine opposite to sour drink, chap. iv. 1S. safe dwelling instead of no dwelling, chap. ix. 3. branches growing and spreading, instead of branches consumed, chap. xi. 6. green trees instead of dry springs, chap. xiii. 5. And all these fruits, the fruits as of Lebanon, which was of all other parts of that country themost fertile mountain, full of various kinds of the most excellent trees, cedars, cypress, olive, and divers others, affording rich gums and balsams ; full also of all kinds of the most medicinal and aro- matic herbs, sending forth a most fragrant odour, whereby all harmful and venomous creatures were driven from harbouring' there : and in the valleys of that mountain were most rich grounds for pasture, corn, and vineyards, as the learned in their descrip- tions of the holy land have observed. The original of all these blessings is the heavenly dew of God's grace and favour (alluding to that abundance of dew which fell on that mountain) de- scending upon the church, as upon a garden, bringing forth lilies ; as upon a forest, strengthening the cedars ; as upon a vineyard, spreading abroad the branches ; as upon an oliveyard, making the trees thereof green and fruitful ; and as on a rich field, receiving the corn. Here is spiritual beauty, the beauty of the lily, ex- ceeding that of Solomon in all his glory ; spiritual stability, the roots of the cedars and other goodly trees in that mountain ; spiritual odours and spices of Lebanon ; spiritual fruitfulness, and that of all sorts and kinds for the comfort of life. The fruit of the field, bread to strengthen ; the fruit of the olive- trees, oil to refresh ; the fruit of the vineyard, wine to make glad the heart of man, Psa. civ. 15.