Reynolds - BX5133.R42 S4 1831

ON HOSEA XIV. -VERSE 1, 2. 47 Moses and Aaron, though their whole employments were for the good of Israel, were yet repaid with murmuring and discontent, and the people, like chil- dren, repined at the food which their prayers obtained for them, yet nothing dismayed them from their duty. The woman of Canaan prays on when she is denied, and Jacob holds with his hands when his thigh is lamed ; our first care must be to be in our way, to be doing our duties, and then, though (as Solomon speaks) we should meet a lion in our way, we must not be dismayed ; for angels are stronger than lions, and he hath " given his angels charge over us, to bear us in our ways," Psal, xci. 11. Yea, " whilst we are with him, he himself is with us," 2 Chron. xv. 2. so that the way of the Lord is the surest and safest walk that any man can have, " The way of the Lord is strength to the upright," Prov. x. 29. [2.] Unto humility. If thou art a vessel of gold, and thy brother but of wood, be not high - minded, it is God that maketh thee to differ ; the more bounty God shows, the more humility he requires. Those mines that are richest are deepest, those stars that are highest seem smallest, the goodliest buildings have the lowest foundations ; the more God honoureth men, the more they should humble themselves ; the more the fruit, the lower the branch on which it grows ; pride is ever the companion of emptiness. Oh how full was the apostle, yet how low was his language of himself" least of saints, last of apostles, chief of sinners, no sufficiency to think, no abilities to do ;" all that he is, he is by grace : thus humility teaches us in our operation, to draw strength from God, not from ourselves ; in our graces to ascribe their goodness to God, and their weakness to our - selves.