Reynolds - BX5133.R42 S4 1831

48 FIRST SERMON [3.] Unto dependence and continual recourse to God, as the Fountain of all good, to keep an open and unobstructed passage between him and our soul. Say not, I have light enough in my house, I may now shut up my windows, for light within hath dependence upon immediate supplies from the sun without, and so bath grace upon continual supplies from the Sun of righ- teousness. God teacheth even the husbandman to plough and thresh, Isa. xxviii. 26. In these things his direction is to be implored : meddle not then with great and high affairs without recourse unto him. His name is Counsellor, and his testimonies are counsellors ; let them be the rule and square of all your debates. It is recorded for the honour of Scipio, that he went first to the capitol, and then to the senate. But you have more noble examples. David is put to flight, he flies and prays. Hezekiah is at a stand in all his counsels, he sends to the prophet and prays ; Jehoshaphat is in great distress, and knows not what in the world to do, but he prays ; Nehemiah is sore afraid, and hath a petition to make to the king, but first he makes one to God, and prays ; whenever we are in great need, and there is no strength at all in us, all the world cannot furnish you with such another help as prayer, and recourse to God, it hath delivered even graves of their dead. Therefore let me beseech you, whenever you meet with such difficulties as put you to a stand, that you know not what to advise or resolve upon, go to your closets, prostrate yourselves at His throne, whose honour it is to be seen in the mount, beg counsel of him in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Let it appear that you seek his face to direct you, and his glory as the supreme end and design of all your consultations ; and then try whether he is not a present