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Il I. Keepe the intelleftuals found and untainted. 12 z. By Faith looke thiough and above them. 55 3. Convert them to holy uf:s. 18 Greatdifpropoitionbetweenc the Soule and the Creature. It is vexation o f Spirit. 5'9 Cares are T hornes,becaufe, fiat, they wound the Spirit,feeondly they choake and overgrow the heart, thirdly, they deceive, fourthly,they vani1h. Degrees o i this vexation: i. In the procuring of them. 6z z. In the multiplying of them. 64 3. In the ufe of them. Diftovered, (7 T. In knowledge, Natural' and Civill. 68 z. In Plea Cures. 7o 3. ln Riches. 72. 4. In the Review o f them. 74 5. In the dilpoling of them. 75 The Grounds o f this vexation : r. GodsCurfe. 2, theCorrupríon of Nature. 59 76 78 3. The deccitfulneiTe of the Creature. 8o It is law full to labour and pray for the Creature, though it vexe the Spirit. S4 Wee ti- ould bee humbled in the fight offinne which hath defaced theCreation. 86 We fhould be wife to prevent thofe cares which the Creatures are apt ro breed, 89 Irregular cares bot h fuperfluous, and finfull. 90 How to take away or prevent Vexation : a. Pray far that which is convenient to thy abilities and oc. cations. 94 Z. Take nothing withoutChrill:. 95 3. Throw outcvery a :ecerable thing. 97 4. Keepe the Spirit untouched, and uncorrupted) 98 What it is to fet the heart on the Creature. 99 The Spirit is the moll tender and delicate part of man. Zoo A.Heart fcton the World is without ftrength Pative or A&ive. r. Vnable to beare Temptations : 1. Becaufe Satan proportioneth Temptations to our Lells ror a. Aecaúfe Temptations are edged with promifes and Threatnings. 3. God often gives wick ed menover tobeteeve lies./ c.7 z Vnablc