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The Table. z. Vnable to blare of fliftions. sa8 3. Vnable to performe any altive obedience with ftrcngth. 11m How to ufe the Creature as,a vexing Creature. s13 The fecsna Treatife, The Sinfulneffe of Sinne. R o M 7. 9. NMural! light not fufficient to undcrfanJ the Scriptures. IiE How the Commandementcame to Saint Pau!, and how he was formerly without it. 119 A man may have the Law in the Letter,and be without in the power and Spirit. I21 Ignorance cloth naturally begetblindezeale, and thong mifperfwa- fions. 72z Saving Knowledge is not of our ovine fetching in. 723 TheSpirit by the Commandement convinceth a man to be in the ftate of Sinne. Nature teacheth Come things,but it cannot thorowly convince. I he Spi i t convinceth : firfl,b y opening the Rule, which is the Law. I29 Condemne us. Theftrcngth of grim two-fold, toi It hath the ftrength of a ibid. Obligation How fume hath its 1 ;f: and Irritation .of it. 130 ftrength fromthe Law by the Convialon The Spiritby the Commandement convinceth us, z. 0 f original! fin ; either imputed, as Adams fin, 134 or inherent, as the corruption of Nature 735 Ire Naturali corruption confider, Times. z. The univerfalíty of it in Perlons. } 136 Parts. the M ;nde. Corruption the Confcience and Heart. P the Will. The Memory and whole man. Operate or iliac in us. Lord. Husband. 139 140 141 141 2. The