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he 1!exatton of the .putt. affe&ions ( though it feeme to promife and flatter much) yet it doth indeed but eat out his reallfuhftancc,and.choak him in the embraces. F irfl then, they deceive our judgements, make us think better of them than they deferve ; they deale with us as the Gen.3.6. Philif}ins with Sompfon, they begin at our eyes. Thus r Tini.z.t4. the Devill began to beguile eve, When Thee fair that the Tree was good, and pleafant to the eyes, then being thus Gen.2.5.32.. firtl deceived, file became atranfgreffour: and thus:Efau difputes himfelfe our of his birth- right,; I am at the point of death, the pottage will make the live, the birth -right will not goe into the grave with me ; I will prefer my life beforemy priviledge. Secondly, they deceive our hopes and expeE atione; e chan promifed himfelfe much happineffe in a wedge of gold, and aBabylónilh Garment; but they were devot ed and curled things, they did not only deceive him, but un- doe him ; The wedge ofgold (if I may fofpeak) did fern to no other purpofe, but to cleave afunder his foule from his body, and the Babylonifh garment but for a fhrowd. Gehezies prefumptions were vaft, and the bargaine hee thought very eaíie to buy garments, and Olive- yards,and Vine-yards, and fheepe, and oxen, and men - fervants, and maid- fervants at the price of a n officious and mercenary lye, he thought he had provided well for his p tteritic by the reward of Naaman; but the event proves quite con trary, he provided nothing but a leprofie for himfelfe and his feed for ever They deceive oer hopes in reifiert of Good; They pro- Luke 11.10. mile long life, and yet the fame night a mans foule is ta- E.zek. 2.8..9. ken from him, and they the in$ruments of that calamity : How many men have perifhed by their honours? How many have beene eaten up by their pleafures ? How ma- ny bath the greedy defire of wealth powred put into the ier.1.36. grave ? 'They promife peace and fafety (as we fee how V- rael boafled it their mountaines, confederacies,, fupplies from,