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The Vexation of the spirit. L!; rifheth his lulu within ; a vow in the hand of a flefhly lull will be but like the chains and fetters ofthat fierce lu- natick, very eafily broken afiinder. This is not the right way.Firft,labour with the heart, cleaufe out thy corrup- tions, purge thy life, as the Prophet did the waters, with feafoning and rectifying the fountain : It is one thing to give cafe from a prefent pain, another thing to root out the difeafe it felfe. If the chinkes in a fhip beeunftopt, it is in vain to labour at the pumpe; fo long as there is a cons } ant in -let, the water can never be exhaufted ; fo is it in thefe formal! refolutions and vowcs, they may cafe the prefent pain, let out a little water, refhrain from fotne particular ass, but fo long as the heart is unpurged,lufc will returne and predominate. In a word, whereas in the Service of Cod there are two main things required, faith to begin, and courage or patience to goe through, lua hinders both thefe. How can ye beleeve lince ye Peek for glory one from another ? _ oh. 5.44. when perfecution arofe becaufe of the Word , the Temporary was prefenrly offended, Matth. t 3.z r Thirdly, and laflly, in one word. A man ought not to let his heart on the Creature, becaufe of the Noflcneffe of the heart. To let the heat t on the Creature is to let a dia- mond in lead : None are fomad to keepe their Jewels in a cellar, and their coales in a doler ; and yet fuck is the pro- phanenefle of wicked men to keep Gód in their lips only, and Mammon in their hearts,to make the earth their flea- fure,and heaven but as an acceflory and appendix to that. And now as Samuel fpake unto Sax/, fet not thine heart upon thine Afles, for the defire of Ifrael is upon thee;Wby fhould a Kings heart be let upon Afles? So may I fay,why fhould Christians heartsbe let upon earthly things, fince they have the delires of all flefh to fix upon? I.will conclude with one word upon the laft particular, How to ufe the Creature as Thames, or as vexing things. Firti, Let not the Bramble be King,Lct not earthly things I beare Lt;ke8.z4. t Sam.y zD. ladg.g.i.l,t;.