Reynolds - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.R485 T47 1642

Nee mcliores 'YZ1Z,t2eC d0%7:T- 3ti deteriores. ;a Sam.z3.6, 7. r i,am.4.4. r. .0 1.2.15'. ;fudg.3, r 6. Tdje Vexation of the Spirit. beare rule over thy affeaions; fire will rife out of them, which will confume thy Cedars , etnafculate all the powers of thy Soule. Let grace fit in the throne, and earthly things bee fubordináte to the wifedome and rule of Gods Spirit in thy heart. They are excellent fervarits, but pernicious mafters. Secondly , Bee armed where thou toucheff , or niedleft with them Armed aga,init the Lulls and againft the Temptations that arfe from them. Get faith to place thine heart tipori better prórnifes ; en;- ter not upoñ them without prayer unto Geld, that finee thou art going amongfl fnares , hee wóuld carry thee through with wifedome and faithfulneffe, and teach thee how to rife them as his bleflîngs , and as inftrurnents of his glory. Make a covenant with thine heart, as IoA with his eyes , have á jealoufie and fufpleióxi of thine evill heart, left it be fürpriz'd, and bewitched with finfull aífee 'cions. Thirdly,, touch them gently , doe hat hug, love, dote upon the Creature, norgrafpe it with adulte- róús ëriibraces; the love of móney is à root Of tnifchiefe, and is enmity against G o D. Fourthly, ufe them for hedges and fences , to relieve the Saints ; to make friends of unrighteous Marrunbñ , to defend the Church of CHRIST , but by rio meànes have them In thy field , but onely Absat it ; mingle it fot with thy Corne , lett it choake and Rifle all. And laftly, úfe them as Gideon, for weapons of jùíí revenge against the enemies of Gans Church, to vindicate his truth and glo- rie, and then bybeing wife,and taithfull in a little, thou fhált át Taft be made ruler over much, and enter into thy Mailers Ioy.. F I NIS.