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T he Sinfulfleffe of Sinne. 21 revived, I found that that was-but a fopor, a berumd f ne1Tc, which was in my .apprehenfion a death of finric': and I died; had experience of the falfeneffc and mifcries' ofniy prefumptions. The life òf (inne and the life ofa fin ner are like the ballances ofa paire of fcoles, when one goes up th e other mull fall down, when finne lives, the man mull die; man and firane are like ( 1ezentitra his couples, they arc never both alive together. Many excellent points, and ofgreat conîequence to the fpirits of men would rife out ofthefe words thus un- folded : as Firí+, that a man may have the Law in the Church wherein he lives in the letter of it, and yet bee without the Law in the power and fpiYit of it by igno- rance,mifconf}ruelions, falfe glofics, and perverfe wre- Rings : as a covetous man may have the poffe1 ons of money; and yet be without the uí e and comforts of it: z Cor. 3. 6. a Pet. 3.i6. Matth.5sz1,zz,27,z8,31,33, 3338. . Which fhould teach us to beware of Ignorance ; It makes the things which we have unufefull to us, If any man have the Law indeed he will labour, Firfl, to have more acquaintance with it, and with God by it. The more the Saints know of God and his will, the neerer communion they doe defire to have with him, Wee fee this heavenly affeddion hawed Gen. 32.26,a9. Gen. M fer, Ex. 3 3. i z.18. in David, Pfal.i 19.18. i z 5. in the Spoufe, Cant.' .in Aanoah,Iud. i ;.17 .in `Pau!, 2Cor. 5.2.Phil. 3.13, i 4.As thcQ cneof Sheba when thee had heard of the glory of Salomon was not content till íhc came and faw it;or as Abfalomn being re- a Sam.i4 *32 fcored from banifhment, and tailing fore of his Fathers love,was impatient til he might fee his face;fo the Saints, having fomething. ofGods will 'and mercy revealed tó thetn,arc very importunate to enjoy more: Secondly, to be more conformable unto it, to iudge and meafure hinr- fele the it, Pfal,i i 9Q i.The Law is utterly in razn s. . u King. io;1.