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122 Ier.8.x. HoGB. Z. Rona,. . . ì3.17 rI be SinfulneJe ® f Sinneo vaine, CO dignity, no benefit nor- priviledgeto apeople by it,if it be not obeyed, Thirelly,tó love and praife God for his goodnef c in it. IQh ; , 21. Secondly, ignorance ofthe true meaning of the Law, and re(ling upon falle grounds doth naturally beget thefe two things. Fill r, blind zealc, much active and in ap- pearance unbfameable. devotion . As it did here, and elfc- where in Saint Pood,í,Thil, 3.6. A6t.2, z. ;. in the banau- rocble women, the Pharifees,Mat.2 3.15. in fat krethren, (. ol. 2.2 3. in the Iewes,thart fubmitted not themfelves to the rig hteoufneffe of ('od, Rom. I o. 2, 3. In the Papi is in their contentions for trafh, rigorous obfer- vation of their owne traditions, out - fides, and fuperin- ducenients -upon the precious foundation. Second y,' f}rong mif-perfuafions and felfe- jut}ifications, depen- dence upon our works,and rigid endeavors for falvation at the laf},Hof.I2 .Lfai.48.I,2..58.2,7.Am. 5.18, 2I, 25.Mic.3.I I,I 2.Zech.7.3,4, 5,6. Hof. S. z, 3. Luk. 18. I I,I 2. unregenerate men are often fecure men, making principles and premifes of their owne to build the con - clurons of their Salvation upon. But beware of it. It is a defperate hazard to put eternity upon an adventure,to tru(} in God upon other termes than himfelfe hath pro- poled to be trufled in, to lay elaime to mercy without any writings, or feales, or witneffes, or patents, or ac- quittance from firne, to have the evidences of Hell, and yet the prefumptions of Heaven, to be weary of one fabboth here, and yet prefime upon the expe &ation of an eternity which íhal be nothing elfebutSabboth.In the Cidill Law, 7 e tesdornefitict, Houfhold witneÇfes ( who might in reafon bee prefumed parties) are invalid. Surely in matters of Salvation if a man have no vvitneí% but his owne fpirit,tnifi nform'd by wrong rules,feduced by the fubtilties of Satan, and the deeeite of his ovine veicked heart, carried away with the courfe ofthe world, and he common prejudices and prefunlptions of foolifh men De arilitrie fen (iisfui deum pen. litant. Terrul. cons. Mar. i. 2..c. 1. [udicia dome (ilea. rer.Apot » órxo9avxpiu Clam, Alex. óR 7uxo0ey AO yurpoi. Greg. Nazian. Drat.;.