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`! he Table. Whether Cranes ofomilsiori may raigne? ibid. z, Other caufes betides the power of Chrifts Grace may worke a partiall abflinence from finne, and conformitir in fer - vice : i. The power oíreíhaining grace. z98 Differences between reftraining and renewing Grace: z. Affeftation of the credit of godlineffe. 302 ;. The power of pious education. 304 4. The legall power of the word. S. I he power of a natural] illightened Confcience. ibid. d. Seife-love and particular ends, 7; The antipathy and contradi &ion of fins. 30 Differences between the confliâs of a naturali and fpirituall Confcience : i . In i.he Principles of them. 3 to 2. In theirfeats and Rations 3 t3 3. In the manner and qualities of the confliEt, 314 4: In their eTeas. 5. In their ends. 317 Why every fin doth not raigne in every wicked man. ibid 2 COR.. 7. j.. The A poftics reafon s againft idolatrous communion. 3 21 The dot ?nine of the po lution of fin. 322 Ihe heft work sof the belt men mingled with pollution. Thebeítworksof wicked mn full of pollution. 327 What the pollution of finis. 323 The properties of the pollution of fin, ibid. t. It is a deepe pollution. 329 z. It is an univerfall pollution. 3. It is afpreading pollution. ibid 4. It is a, mortal] pollution. 33'4 Why God requireth that of us which he work eth inus. 335 How promifes tend to the dutie of elenfin g our felves. r. Promifes containe the matter o f rewards, and fo prefuppofe Cervices. 337 z, Prornifes are efficient calks of purification : i, As tokens() f Gods love. Love the Ground of making, fidelity of performing P o- mifes. a. As the ground of our hope and expelarions, 340 a. AS