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The Table. Whether a wicked man ought to omit his alines, prayers, and religi- ous fervices. 246 In the beft there is a partial! impotencie. 250 What a man fhould doe when he finds hinfelfe difabled and deaded in good works. 253 z. It is an eftate of extreme enmitie againa God and his waycs. z 5 5 How the Spirit b y the Commandement doth convince men to be in th e Rate of finne. 218 The Spirit by the Commandement convínceth men to be under the guilt of finne. a6o There is a naturali conviction ofthe guilt of Pinne : and ibid There is a Spirituali and Evangelical! conviction of the guilt of fin. z6I What the guilt and punifhmentsot finne are.. 2( ROM. 6. 12. Sinne w ill abide in the time of this mortali life in the moll Holy 273 Our deathwith Chrift unto finne is a ftrong argument :againft the raigneofit. 275. Difference betweene the Regal! and Tyrannicall power of finne. 277 Whether a manbelong unto Chrift or finne. 279 Frovn it felfe. 282 Sinne hath much ftrength. From Satan and the world. 285 From us. ibid. What it is to obey finne in the Lufts thereof. z86 Whether finne may raigne in a Regenerate man ? . z88 How wicked men may be convinced, that finne Both raigne in them Two things make up the raigne of fin: r. In finne, power. z. In the firmer, a willing and uncon- ago troulablefubjeaion. Three exceptionsagainit the evidence of the raigne of finne in the wicked. 2.95 z, There may be a raigne of fin when it is not difcerned. 2.92. 1 Whether finali finites may raigne ? 293 Whether fecret finnes may raigne ? 294 Whether finites of ignorance may raigne ? 295 Whether natural' concupifcence may raigne' 2,6 Whether