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126 The Sinf ulnefJè of Sinne. Rom. S. IZ. [oh T4 4. Pfal.5i.5. [Zom. y. 7. t I011.3.4, Plal.u) 96. 13h.3 40. loh.54S. Ephcf:4.zo. Ephcf.3.17. 4-74> Pfa1.73.37. a Efay.56.1,6. 1-seb.6.i3. AEI Ir:;. b I l im.q.6. I, Tlill.j. 14. Titus I.?. Iudc verf.3. I ThcfL5,zt: flefhly miede, reafon , confcience, will, &c. Meere na- ture will never teach a elan to feele the weight and curie ofa finne committed above five thoufand yeares before hinifelfe was borne ; to fede the fpirits offinne running in his bloud , and fprouti'ng out of his nature into his life, one une!eane thing out of 'another ; to Mourne for that fil- thineffe which hee contrac`led in his conception; Saint Petal confeffeth that this could not bee learned without the Law. . Becaufe it doth not carry a man to the Rule which is the written Law , in that mighty wideneffe which the Prophet David found in it. Nature cannot looke upon fo bright a thing, but thorow veiles and glaffes of its owne. E'vill hateth the light , neither comrneth to the light, cannot endure a thoromgh fcrutiny and ranfacking, lell it fhould bee reproved. When a man Icokes on the Law thorow the mill of his owne lulls, hee cannot but vvrefi and torture it to his owne way. Saitst Peter gives two reafons of it , becaufe fuch are 'AiLtlesas asnf:x]óy 2 Pet. 3.16. i. Vrilearned men; namely, in the n3yflery ofGodlinefle, have not beetle taught of God what the truth is in Iefus ; till that time a man will never put off his lulls, but defend them , and rather-make crooked the rule, conic difidions and evafions upon the Law it felfe, than judge himfelfe, and give glory ro God. 2. Fickle, .unllable men, men apt to be tolled up and downe like.emp- tie clouds with every blaft , diver rooted nor grounded in the Iove ofthe truth, unfazed fall in the Coveant of God , that a lay not hold on it , and are therefore altogether undifpo- fed to b Continue or hold faff -the truth. A man in his lufis is like a man in a difeale , not long well in one way, but is ever given to changes and experiments , and as hee changeth, fo doth he ever new -íhape the Scripture, and dragge it downe to the patronage of his owne wayes. So that the Law in a wickedmans heart is like a candle in a foule lanterne, or as a firaight ogre in troubled ,wa- ter,