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C he S'infu lneffe o j`'Sinraee 12,7 ter,or the fl ining of light thorow a colour'd glalfe, wri'd and chang'd into the image of the corrupted mind where in it lies. The Law in it felfe is a 7' erfe5f, b right , c pure, Pure and faith full, e holy, jug, and fptrituall , t lively and operative; and men by nature areunlike all this, g degene- rate and crooked, i wavering and unfaithful! l 1: deceiving, and being deceived, I unholy, carnali and impure, iv fefloy minded , n dead, and reprobate to every good work e. Such a great difproportion is there betvveene 2"Z,arure and the Law. 3. becaufe it doth not Drive us out of our felves for a Remedie; Thefirblimeíl Phi lofophy that ever was, did never teach a man to deny himfelfe, but to build up his houle with the old ruines, to fetch ílones and materials out of the wonted quarry. o Humiliation, p confufian q fhame, r felfe- abhorrencie, f to bee vile in our owne eyes, to be nothing within our felves , to bee willing to owne the vengeance of Almighty G o n , and to x judge our felves, toy juflifie him that may condemne us, and be witneffes againil our felves, are vertues:knowne onely in the Booke of G o D , and which the learnedit Philofo phers would have efleei ed both itrationall and pufillani- mous things. 4. Becaufe natural! 2- judgement is fo throughly di- florted and infatuated , as to x count evillgood, and good evill,light darkneff , and darkneffelight : to a perfwade a man that hee is in a right way, when the end thereof will be the ifues of death ;. that hee is b Rich and in need of no- thing, when in the rneane time hee is miferable, poore, blinde and naked. c Plato's coimnunitie, d Ari.dbotles Vrbanitie and magnanimitie , e Cicero's blinding the eyes of the Iudges , f and his officious diflirrrulation and compliancie, the Stoicks apathie g and officious iyes,that a Pfil, r9,T. b rt9,r28. c /bid..v.14o. d Ibid.v.138. nfa1.9.y. Korn.7.1z,4. PCzl.i19.5o.. Heb.4.rz, g Ecc1- f.7. 29, h Deut.3 a. 5. i Iam.r.8. k z.Tim.3.13. l Gen,6,g. r.rf. m Col. t.18. n Ro.r.18,2a. o tam.4. ro. p Dan.9.7. q Ezra9.6. :zek.c6.63. r Ezek.36.3i. Gm.18.z7. tob4z,6. 10'340-4. Sam..: z. :z Cord r2.r1. r Nehem 933 rCor.i1.31. y Etta 9,r3. Pîa1.5r.4. z 2,T1111.3.8 * F. Ca f. 2o. a Prov. r4.rz, b Rev.3.i7. HOC r,28, Prov.zi.a. c ATiaOL.pOlit. lcb. z, cap. i, z. d Eadem, 1r6,3.,caQ.7. Mag, moral. cap.31. Ztbic.liG,z. cap.8. 4, cap. i lib. 4, -ap.', 8. e tlkc«ñi .urntrl. f De peütione conlu;atua ad A4, fratreru. g rri7ttil. lb,I z.ecp. t fo.